Week 1 Complete!

Firstly thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my first blog- all the positivity has really helped me keep up the enthusiasm for going out running in these early stages. I did the last run of week one today and for some reason struggled the most today. I don't know whether it was going out running before breakfast, or just a culmination of a week where I've done unprecedented exercise taking its toll, but on one run I really couldn't believe that Laura wasn't telling me I only had two more to go. Plus it was boiling out this morning- even at half 10. Still shouldn't complain after the eternal winter we've been having.

I managed to complete the run by slowing down the pace a bit and took the executive decision to include a brisk walk round Co-op to get some greek yoghurt for breakfast in the five minute cool-down, which was a nice treat. Going to start week 2 next week but I have a feeling I may have to switch back to week 1 again. I still can't imagine ever being able to run for 30 mins straight. But anyway, hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely weather.

Happy running and happy weekend.



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9 Replies

  • Well done! and congrats on completing week1 :)

    I completed week1 on Wednesday and I felt the same, didn't think I would do very well in Week2. I did my first week2 run yesterday and surprised myself.

    I wouldn't worry about the pace or so people here tell me. I am just about able to walk at normal speed in between runs let alone being brisk. but the important thing for me is I am able to do the runs now. I am sure you will be fine on Week2.

  • Thanks :) I'm glad it's not just me who is nowhere near brisk walking inbetween runs! Good luck on the rest of week 2.

  • Well done, and I know its unbelievable but you will get there. Just put your trust in Laura and have a go on a new week. The way this program is set up it seems to add just enough of a new challenge. I never found it easy, still don't , but I keep plodding through and manage each run (just about) - now on week 9. Keep up the hard work!

  • Thanks Plinth! Wow week 9, that's incredible. I love seeing people further on to program, it makes me feel so motivated. Best of luck on week 9.

  • Well done on finishing week one! I too wondered about my ability to do w2, but when I did the first run this morning it was no more difficult than week one had been. Try it, you will be surprised!

  • Well done on your completion. This is a great blog when you doubt yourself someone always manages to give a comment which really makes you think. You CAN do it. Trust in Laura it is a brilliant programme. Good luck for the rest.

  • Congratulations on completing week one. I didn't think I could manage week 2 but I just got on with it and didn't find it too bad. I also walk at 'normal' speed between runs - we are all individuals and if this suits us best then so be it. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Hi all you week one completer's (that includes me) I have just started week 2 and yes I agree sometimes a normal walk pace is necessary but its better than sitting on the couch. I completed the race for life in Bradford today and no I didn't run (not fit enough yet) I was so envious of all those ladies who did! that is what motivates me to carry on. Hope you continue to be motivated too good luck.

  • Well done Kat. I completed week one on Friday and started week 2 today. Had to give myself a really big push off the couch this afternoon ,but I'm glad I did. I found the run a bit challenging but not impossible. Feels really good when you finish. I also can't get my head around running for 30mins......but probably best not to dwell on that yet. Just keep plugging on with the programme and see where it takes us. Gotta be better than giving up before we have even tried. I am new to blogging ,but I have found that this community really helps keep me focused. I love to hear how others are progressing and share in the ups and downs. Good luck in week 2 . X

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