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Week 1 R3... Complete!

I feel so proud of myself to have completed week 1. And I thought I would come and check out the community to see how everyone else is doing. I'm a little nervous to go onto week two, but I figured now that I've started, I've got to keep going!!

Does it make a difference doing the running in a gym on a treadmill? I feel like I might be cheating a little by doing this, but hopefully not.

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Congratulations! As far as treadmill vs outdoors, several have graduated C25K using the treadmill. Its my understanding, to create more of an outdoor "feel" try placing it at an incline. If you have the opportunity to experience outdoors, go for it! Less boredom and the fresh air does wonders as well as less boredom then on the treadie. Gayle


If I stood on a treadmill I would fall off it, so each to their own, as long as you are doing something. maybe try alternating between the two????

Enjoy week two. :-)


I'm always a little nervous before a new week, but it always seems to work out okay! I run outside, but I've run on the treadmill in the past. I was apprehensive about outdoors as I was quite self-conscious, but got used to it surprisingly fast. Plus, there are almost flowers out, which is nice :P


I've just posted on facebook about my progress and got a surprising number of responses from people interested in getting involved themselves, to people that I didn't know run regularly, offering me local route suggestions, and encouragement (and offers to partner when I get a bit better!) So I'm kind of excited to start week 2 now


Well done - a great start, and how fantastic that you're already encouraging others to get involved :)

There's no cheating at all about using the treadmill. This isn't a competition, there aren't any rules, or judges, or trophies. It's just about improving your own fitness, and if the treadmill suits you best, then go for it. I've used a mix of treadmill and outdoors (cos I'm too wussy to run outside when it's too cold or wet, and the fields would be... um... interesting in the dark!)

Have fun, and keep going! ;)


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