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App to measure distance run

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Hi I was wondering if there is an app out there than I can put on my phone (android) to measure the distance I have run? I am new to this running lark and not into gadgets so I don't want to go buying anything fancy/expensive. To time the walks and runs on my runs I just borrow my young son's digital watch! I'd be interested to know how far I have run though. Thanks

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I use mapmywalk and mapmyrun, they both sync to myfitnesspal. Simple and easy to use and the mappjng function satisfies the geography geek I really am.

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I use Strava. Very good.

Good luck with your running

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Strava seems very popular. When I was doing C25K I used the Runkeeper free app. Even now (and having a sports watch) I still rate it and use it from time to time. It does everything my Garmin does really. You can set it to give audio feedback so you can keep track of your distance and pace. It will track your runs and also map them out for you. Worth looking at.🙂

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Lots of free apps available. I personally like Runkeeper.

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I use Mapmyrun, its free and plays in the background. Are you using the podcasts to run to, these do the timing for you so not sure why the watch. The podcasts and something like Mapmyrun are all you need.

I like and use Strava :-)

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I also still use the basic (free) version of Runkeeper. It does pretty much all I need and seems to be quite accurate. A couple of times it's gone crazy and told me I ran 1km in 4:30 mins - but I deleted that. I have it set up to talk to me every 5 minutes and every time I complete 1 km and it cuts in over any music I listen to. There's an upgraded version which costs, where you can get all sorts of reports on your progress, but the free version does me fine. Now and then it challenges you to take part in a global, virtual 5 or 10k which can be quite fun!

Thanks all. :-) I'll have a look at the suggestions. Jacs-W - no, I'm not using the podcasts, I can see the advantage of them, but I think they would irritate me!

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I have always used endomondo and works for me!

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