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Best app to measure running distance

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I'm still in W1 but would like to know how far I'm hauling my puffing body on each run. Can anyone recommend an app?

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The MapMy...apps are pretty good, but skewed to the US. Endomondo is the European equivalent. A lot of my friends use Strava and like it a lot (I can't cope with its interface).

Maybe it's just me, but ....

I think concentrate on the app- the time that you run rather than other stats- speed can come later. This way you can enjoy your successes rather than worrying that you are not fast enough :)

Thank you helenwheels, I wouldn't look at distance/speed until after the run. I've no interest in my speed but the distance info would be a motivator - not because I want to push myself to go further but just to be able to say 'Bloody hell look what I've achieved!'

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KoralineGraduate in reply to GoodGriefImRunning

Completely off topic but i love your username! 😁

Koraline - my username sums up every thought I had during this morning's run........wahaaaaay.......what the hell am I doing?.... look at me running.....when can I stop?.......I think I'm going to die.......good God I'm going to keep at this.

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KoralineGraduate in reply to GoodGriefImRunning

That's the spirit 😊

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I am using strava. Just the free version.

I started with MapMyWalk but moved on to RunKeeper.

I use the free Strava. I started using it too motivate myself to walk at lunchtime so makes sense to carry on with it.

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I use Strava, the free version. I like the fact it shows you a map of where you been and distance.

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I quite liked MapMyRun, even the free version gave some relatively detailed stats. Unfortunately an update broke it - lost a couple of runs - so I've moved over to Endomondo, which gives you less stats for free but has worked fine for me - enough that I've forked out for Premium (about £20 for a year).....

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Strava for me!!

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to Sillybilly1

Me too

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Map my Walk app for me seems pretty good. You can map treadmill runs, runs, walking (obviously) and bike rides along with others. Do you have a Fitbit or other fitness band? They have there own measurement facility of miles/km.

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Strava here too.

I use the free Strava too as I'd noticed friends on Facebook used it and said where you'd been etc. I like it and it puts my efforts on Facebook after. I know that's not everyone's bag but since doing it I've had lots of encouragement from friends I never hear from usually as well. It's helped me.

Plus on Strava it tells you your little achievements like run to bridge was 2nd fastest you've done so it can track quite a lot if you use the same route a few times. I'm always changing mine to avoid hills! My map ends up looking like a starfish where you can see I've approached a hill and turn round! As I'm almost at the end I'm going to have to face that gremlin! But I like that Strava has the details on to look at afterwards.

You are doing so well - and shows your determination if you are looking for an app to track etc. Enjoy!

I have no signal of any kind where I run - I discovered this after my phone thought I had run 1km. (Heartbreaking) Now I go for my run and check on Google maps for the distance later. (On a pc, right click and choose measure distance then click points along your route)

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Again Strava (free) recommended by my daughter who uses it to log her cycle rides. I'm on week 7 so I start recording after the 5 minutes warm up walk and stop it after the 25 minutes run, so I'm only measuring the running portion.

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