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Week 5, run 1, so cold


When I got out this morning the cold hit me crisp and hard! I know most of you guys are in the uk and coming out of winter but over here in New Zealand we are well into autumn. We have had the most amazing summer so this morning was a real shock to the system.

I'm fine once I get running but the five minute warm up walk is freezing. What do you wear to run in the cold? I have a t shirt and an Adidas drifit hoody and so far it's been good but so cold this morning...

Apart from that the run went well, three lots of 5 minute runs which is the most I've run but I found it ok. Am still amazed that this program seems to work so well and that now I feel (almost) comfortable running 5 mins. Am quite proud of myself that I have got this far. This is the time when I would usually give up though so have to keep myself motivated. Reading all your blogposts and writing my own is a way of accountability. Here's to the next run and not giving up!

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well done on your run, il second "here's to the next run and not giving up" we can do it :) when im feeling the cold i wear my gillet over a thinner hooded top i find that keeps me warmer than a thick hooded top for some reason and when i warm up the hoodie comes off. And i keep the gillet on. :)

CrismatlottaGraduate in reply to bikergirl

Ooh, an excuse to buy something new! I did promise myself if I got to week 5 I would treat myself to some new gear, a gilet is a good idea. Thanks!


HI! I wore a long sleeve top over a vest and t shirt when it was icy here; I get so hot running I don't worry about feeling cold on the warm up bits!

I did use my rain resistant cycling top (made by Gore) when I went out in the sleet & snow; that kept my top half warm and dry enough ( but my legs were soaked as the sleet dripped off quite rapidly! That top has thumb holes built in to pull the sleeves right down, so I didn't have to use gloves! :-)

Nice to see we are getting even more international; welcome to all in NZ - one day I will visit as your country looks beautiful! :-)


When I started in Feb it was either freezing or 1C as I usually run in the evening. I wore a thermal vest, long sleeved top, fleece, gilet, thermal hat and gloves! Layers slowly came down as the running time increased.


Thanks for the advice, may have to dig out one of the hubby's thermals!


The other really useful bit of kit for winter running was a buff - very expensive for what it is, but works really well. Basically a slice off a long tube of knitted material (t-shirt material sort of knitted - I'm not explaining this well!).

Try clicking on the tabs for 'buff', or googling them. You can pull them over your face, or make them into a hood. Good when it's windy.

I started off in December, and we had a very icy/snowy winter, so had lots of running in the cold - but I think it was actually easier than running in the heat! One thing that worked for me, was doing the warm-up walk in a little loop back to my house, then throwing off the top layer, so I didn't have to carry it. (I'm a wimp and don't like starting off cold!)

CrismatlottaGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks for the advice, love the sound of a buff (and love the name!) also a good idea doing the first five minutes in a loop, might have to try that. Only problem is I run real early and it's still dark when I start so try and stick to main roads, will have to get the map out...

Im a kiwi currently in Canada, got excited just reading the word NZ. We are just coming out of winter here and now its 15-25C I find it harder to run, I actually found -5C was a good temp which seems crazy....however I imagine when I return to NZ in a month or so I'll quickly adjust and will be freezing along with you. Im on Week 4 so i'll be following you! Hope you find a way to make your runs a little more enjoyable :-)

By the way I 100% agree with your comment on accountability. Keep at it

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