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Have you run with cold??

I am to run my RfL on 14th and was looking forward to do another Park Run tomorrow and I have caught a cold! I ate 2 fruits and had a Lemsip and Vitamin C and the time is only 11.21am! I don't feel all that good and quite anxious whether this cold would get worse. I suffered from a bad cold and a cough for a whole month couple of months ago so worried sick now. Have you ever run with a cold? I know you should not run if you have fever but I am not too sure of a cold. I know I will feel tired but then as long as it is ok to run, I will at least try to run tomorrow.

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I understand that there is a "neck rule" (or something) if the cold is above the neck ie head or nose it's okay to exercise, if it has gone into your chest though you should give it a rest.


Thank you very much Mrs42, I shall research on that. I do have a slight cough as well, so does it mean it has gone to the chest. This is really frustrating as I was really looking forward to do the Park run tomorrow. I might still do a bit of running I think to keep me going.


My sister in law ran a half marathon with a cold! Take care and good luck tomorrow


Oh thank you juicyju, that is inspiring! I will run tomorrow Park Run, decided! What do I lose? If I can't run, I will stop and walk and run again like I did last week. It was just that I wanted to do better than last week Park Run (my 1st time) but I don't 'have' to do that. Yeah...I am running tomorrow!


I saw this on line, so thought of posting it here to help others decide whether to run or not to run when you have a cold-

The best way to decide whether you should exercise is to employ what doctors call the "neck check." Feel free to go running if your cold is "above the neck." Above-the-neck symptoms include:

•Runny nose

•Nasal congestion


•Sore throat

Doctors advise against proceeding with your exercise regimen if your symptoms are "below the neck," however. These symptoms include:

•Chest congestion

•Hacking cough

•Nausea or upset stomach

•High fever


•Body and muscle aches

Some people think that running in cold temperatures will actually make them sick. But this isn't really true. You can't freeze your lungs or windpipe. Your body heats the air you breathe. When the air is particularly cold, you may feel a burning in your chest as you inhale. If that's the case, try covering your mouth with a scarf or wearing a ski mask. That'll help heat up the air before you inhale it.

Keep in mind, though, if you have an infection in your chest or throat, running outside can indeed make things worse (according to the below-the-neck rule). But if you have a simple head cold, it should be fine to take that run, even if it's cold outside. The adrenaline running provides can even help clear up a stuffy head.


Listen to your body... It knows best.. And good luck x


Thank you juicyju, I don't feel great but good enough to try a run..we will see!


Good luck and go easy on yourself x


I had sinusitis throughout the C25K program, I always used Airwaves chewing gum to help with my breathing.


Thank you sfb350, shall try them if my cold becomes bad. Tomorrow is the first day that I run with a cold, and shall let everyone know how I feel at the end. Last time when I had a cold for over a month, I was anyway not running due to a surgery.


So today when I got up, my cold was still there and was not feeling the best. I was to go for the run anyway with the help and encouragement from everyone here, thank you very much, I am very grateful for all the support given. This was going to be my last proper run with people before the RfL next Saturday.

I used to do some stretching exercises before going for a run and read somewhere that it is not very good to do BEFORE the run but AFTER, so I stopped doing it. I had stiches twice over the last week, one when I did the Park Run for the first time last Saturday. I have never had them when I used to do stretching before the run so today I thought, whatever it is worth I would do some stretching and I did not have any stich at all. I don't know whether it is due to the stretching exercise that I did before the run or what, but I sure did not drink a lot of water today fearing that I might want the toilet along the way!

I had my cold but I think it is 'over the neck' as my cough was not all that bad. It's my second day of periods and it did not bother me at all too- (I usually have bad pains-abdomen, back, headache!!). It was quite a hot day even at 9am in the morning. My start was really good and I managed to listen to the music in my MP3 and run in my own pace unlike last time, without getting distracted by over takers! I was a bit tired than usual so I had to stop twice and walk a bit, not more than a minute or two, and ran again. Then I ran the 5.2K today in 32 minutes 50 Seconds (my Garmin says-not the official Park Run result) which was ok, I am happy.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me advice on running with a cold.


Good luck, I always run with a cold, because I am so good at making excuses, if I didn't I would have cold all the time, as long as you can actually breathe it shouldn't be a problem take a water bottle with you, drink copiously and become a master of holding one nostril and blowing! :-)

Hope you feel better soon


Ha Ha , you made me laugh. To be honest my nose is always runny when I run, but this time I have a proper cold, I have been coughing too. Hopefully I will get rid of it by next Sunday when I have my RfL!

Thank you for your good wishes and good luck to you for all your runs too!


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