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Nice cold clear evening. still finding those last 5 minutes hard. getting a tight crampy feeling in my back, trying to relax and stretch it. must be holding myself tense when running.

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Just take it slow and steady..make sure you are warmed up before you run....and..breathe 🙂

Linda_pinkGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I think the warm up might be the problem. I am what my granny would call "a cauld tattie" . I never feel warm and am usually 10 minutes into running before I heat up and I never get really warm or sweaty.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Linda_pink

I never get sweaty either...! Even with my running jacket and woolly hat🙂

So..I put my running stuff on the radiator to be warm for putting on..I run early morning..and make sure I am warm before I set out...I do walk briskly in the 5 min warm ups still..loosening my shoulders, shaking out my hands..relaxing my shoulders...and easy steady breathing..

Try to relax into your run..count your steps and take it steady..if you feel tense..roll your shoulders and shake out your arms..😐


Ty for the advice x


I found my shoulders were aching yesterday, but once I had felt it (and realized I was tensing them when running) and concentrated on relaxing them, they felt better. I guess you could be doing something similar......

.....but I'm just guessing (as I'm only at the beginning of week 7!) :)

Linda_pinkGraduate in reply to CookieM

Thought by run 3 of week 7, 25 minutes might have got easier. hope I have the 28 minutes in me for week 8 x

CookieMGraduate in reply to Linda_pink

I'm sure you have! :)

Flossie22Graduate in reply to Linda_pink

Of course you have! You're doing brilliantly! :)

patoc37Graduate in reply to Linda_pink

You will have, no problem - only three extra minutes!!

Flossie22Graduate in reply to CookieM

I found my shoulders were aching yesterday, but not because of running in the cold! Hoppity Floss :)


I don't think it ever gets any easier. But we do get more 'able' and so it gets more enjoyable. I'll bet 7 weeks ago you wouldn't have dreamed you'd be running 25 minutes non stop! Great advice from oldfloss, it's so easy to tense up without realising, especially when it's chilly outside. Good luck with week 8. So close now :)


I found adding in the stretch & flex podcast helped my running the last few weeks of the C25K.

I'm sure you're right, it's probably a mixture of tension & your body not being properly warmed (read loosened) up. Perhaps increase the pace of your warm up walk at the beginning & slow the pace of your running, if you feel you need to. I would often shake my arms while I run, if I felt any tension.

Yes you will do the 28 - it's fine honestly! (Another wee tip, I always added an extra minute to my 3rd run each week in preparation for the next week - once I got to the longer runs.) 😀


I think it is natural to tense up without realising it if it is cold. So take heed of the great advice from all above and get your clothes nice and toasty before you go out, shake those arms out and breathe (oh and smile!) Happy running to you :)


Depending on whereabouts in your back you are getting tense, you could try keeping your neck warm with a buff or some such?

I've used a hot water bottle when I've had tightness or soreness after running in cold weather. It seems to work - maybe by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow. A hot bath is good too 🛀

Linda_pinkGraduate in reply to Hillrunner2201

Yeah I've got one of those wheat bags that u microwave so will try that x

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