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Post-grad runs on the treadmill

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My treadmill finally arrived yesterday (the second one I ordered as the first one got lost in the warehouse). So after not running since over a week ago I set up the treadmill and got started on a warm up walk then increased the speed. I thought I was running about the same speed as outside but obviously not as I only did just over 2.5 k in 30 minutes! Horrendous! So, tonight I increased the speed and got a bit better. It's so different to running outside, my legs ached today at work and they feel like marshmallow when I get off the treadmill. No dizziness though as some people have said they get. I'll get the speed right when I get used to it and must remember to turn the heating off first...I was a tad warm lol!

13 Replies
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Heating is critical. One reason why treadmill can be so different compared to outdoors is the fact that you aren't pushing through air and therefore helping to evaporate your sweat/perspiration. This means that your body heats up more quickly per km or mile (or per minute) than it would outdoors. And as you heat up, your heart rate goes up (in trying to cool you down) and everything becomes more difficult. Co-incidently, I did 10km on the treadmill in the works gym this morning and it was *hard* - but the legs felt ok, the lungs felt OK - it was just the discomfort from the heat build up.

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debzeGraduate in reply to John_W

I struggle with the heat build up, it's lovely running outside when it's quite cool and you've got the wind too. 10 km on the treadmill is impressive! I haven't got up to 5k yet...but I will! lol

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How on earth a treadmill managed to be lost is beyond me, since it’s not exactly the easiest thing to misplace: it must have been an exceptionally large warehouse.

Nonetheless, I’m sure you’re thrilled that it’s finally arrived, benefitting from its use over the winter months when it’s either too unsafe or miserable to run outside.

Allow a day’s rest on Xmas day, though. However, when it comes to Boxing Day……there’s simply no excuse not to don the running gear you may receive as gifts.

As for treadmill running, it does possess its benefits, since it allows you to run faster than you normally would do outdoors, without placing as much stress upon the joints, by virtue of the cushioning and bounce-back felt underfoot.

However, I do suspect that your disappointment at only covering 2.5K is simply due to mixture of not wishing to over-do it, something that’ll improve with increased confidence.

The reason behind why the muscles of your legs (and core) may feel stiffer than usual is due to the constantly rotating belt, since the assistance it provides repeatedly forces the heels higher towards the derriere than road running would.

If the hamstrings and gluteus muscles feel considerably tighter than usual, now you know why.

To roughly replicate outdoor running conditions, increase the incline upon the treadmill to a measure of two, since the increase in gradient will challenge the quads, thus, reducing uplift of the heels towards the derriere.

If you can sustain the pace, by all means continue, but if you can’t, simply reduce it by 0.5-1mph, until the body adjusts.

One of the greatest downfalls of the treadmill, however, is that the rotating belt encourages a tendency to over-stride. As such, you should seek to ensure that the feet land in line with the upper torso (and not ahead of it).

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debzeGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Thanks for the info! It makes sense as to why my legs hurt again. I was running with no incline but I'll try it with a slight one and perhaps increase it too. I am absolutely thrilled with it as now no matter whatever the weather I can still keep up with the running which I have to say I am beginning to love

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MrNiceGuy in reply to debze

Once you re-adjust, the legs should stop aching as much, just as they did once they'd grown accustomed to outdoor running.

Enjoy increasing your distance indoors, without the familiar biting chill that's commonplace during outdoor running over winter months.

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Well done debze :) or should that be 'marshmallow legs?' :D

That's good to hear you finally got your treadmill and are now up and running therefore no longer dependent on weather etc. I envy you because I still haven't received my treadmill yet! In fact I received an email today from them stating they are going to deliver next Wednesday or Thursday...typical isn't it? I was planning on going to my sister's for a few days before Xmas on the Tuesday as that's when I break up from work! I emailed them back stating I was going away the day before and they had the cheek to say "would you like us to hold the delivery back until the new year!!" I replied with, "I would prefer it delivered before Christmas!"

I will post on here when I finally get mine and let everyone know how I get on with it...that's if it ever arrives! lol

Anyway, what do you reckon to yours? Are you glad you got it? x

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debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

I's so disappointing when they keep letting you down. I am really pleased with mine. I think it's quite similar to the one you ordered on ebay but the delivery time was a lot sooner (until the lorry broke down lol) This is the link to the one I got I have moved it upstairs now and I have a fan that I can use if it's too warm as well.

Aw I really hope yours arrives soon.. mine is the third one I've ordered as the first one was too heavy and then the second got lost lol. Third time lucky! Are you still managing to run? x

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Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

Thanks for the info debze :) Yeah, yours does indeed seem to be very similar to the one I ordered. I'm glad you like it and you're getting on well with it.

No, I haven't done much running since graduation. I am struggling with everything to be honest...time, motivation and also a painful foot that I can't shake off! :'( I've only managed to get out on two runs since my graduation and I really cannot wait much longer to get my treadmill up and running so I can at the very least get on that for a few minutes a day. I just really hope this foot of mine gets better, as I have been in pain since my last run which was exactly a week ago. I'm going to get it checked out next week by my gp. x

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debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

oh no! It is hard to run at the minute with it getting dark so early but being in pain is no good at all. I'm not surprised you're not motivated if your foot hurts. Hopefully you'll get your treadmill soon too. I've managed three runs on mine now but running outdoors is so much better! Hope your foot gets better soon and no more pain, and then you can get back to running again. x

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It's great that you are learning what to do, in so far as turning the heating off, changing the speed, etc. I wonder if it is a good idea to change the incline now and then? To try to replicate road running a bit more? I am not a treadmill specialist, but I am sure that others on here will give you great advice. Happy running on the 'mill (on the) Floss 😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀

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debzeGraduate in reply to Flossie22

Thank you. Yep I'm just getting used to it now but I'll have a go at changing the incline too. It's good but I do prefer running outside seeing the view etc. :)

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I tried the treadmill once in the gym and whilst I enjoyed it as it was raining outside, I do prefer to run outside, at least with your own at home though you can run as and when you want and watch TV or listen to music without headphones in!

Good luck, I'm sure you will get used to it and have fun

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debzeGraduate in reply to Lessofme

I also prefer to run outside but at least this way I can keep up with my running when it's dark so it's going to come in quite handy I think :)

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