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Post Grad run and reached 5K

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Well I graduated Sunday and thought I would see how near I could get to getting to the illusive 5K.... well I did like an advert for the next red nose day as I was slightly warm and sweaty when I finished - but I did it in 39 mins and 53 seconds - Hubby said well that's 40 mins then...... errrrrrrrrrrrr no I said its sub 40mins hehe

Time for a sleep now me thinks :D

Ok now I have done it - I might step back a bit and do some shorter bursts of running for 10 mins run, 3 mins walk x 3 to work on my speed and then do a longer run once a week :D What has other people done when they have completed and want to keep on running but not necessarily for long runs each time x

33 Replies
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Wahey, Well done Jude ! You don't let the grass grow under your trainers that's for sure ha ha ! :-)

Yes youre right, definitely a sub 40 min 5k :-)

I kept with running for 30 minutes 3 times a week at first, I wasn't sure what to do to be honest. I missed the discipline and the routine so now Im doing a 10k plan. 2 short ones during the week and a longer one at the weekend.

Theres the speed and stamina podcasts with Laura , but there is a mixed reaction to them , some people love 'em and some don't like 'em but Ive not tried them myself xxx

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JudefGraduate in reply to poppypug

hehe well that is the beauty of running indoors PP, no grass to grow :D

I have heard people talk about the speed and stamina podcasts and as you say mixed reactions, so not sure about getting into another program that might not work for me.

I did stick with Laura for most of my run, just so that I could here her let me know what time I was as, I know I could just look down at the screen on treadmill, but try not to keep looking.

Thanks PP xx

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That sounds like a good plan...I'm still to do my first post graduate run...think I might copy you :-) Like the idea of the run/walk sessions, sounds a bit like the first week of B210K.

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JudefGraduate in reply to AndyD

Good luck with your 1st post grad run. I will have to look at B210K then, not seen it, is it on the NHS website ?

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Don't think they are part of the NHS program, but if you can Google it...there appears to be a couple of different ones. after googling... if you look at images in the search results there is a printed version... I have both on my fridge!

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JudefGraduate in reply to AndyD

Thank you :D

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Congratulations.... you must feel great!!!!!!!

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JudefGraduate in reply to pot58

Indeed I do and and will sleep well tonight hehe

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All my years of rounding up to the nearest... but no way with running, every second counts.

Glad to see that I am on the right path - and glad that people on here are helping be my sat nav :D

I will have a look at B210K to see the early ones and stick at that possibly, as you say don't want any injury's and not thinking of getting to 10k for a long while yet. But think I might enjoy the shorter bursts x

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Congrats Judef! Bask in the glow! My runs are now close to what PoppyPug does. I still try to do 3 times with 1 or 2 short runs mixed with walking. Long runs are for the weekend for me.

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JudefGraduate in reply to Burgdude

Thank you - 2 short runs / walks and long run at the weekend sounds good to me :D

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I hope there was serious air punching at the end of that run!!!

After graduating I tried to keep up with one 5 k run a week, but I started some speedwork with fartleks. It's nice because you can get a short session in, it's still a crazy amount of effort you're expending and I'm convinced it has made me much faster.

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JudefGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

hehe I did have hubby next to me when I finished and did expel a bit of joy

I think I would like to do a 5K each week now that I know that I can do it, I have had a quick look at fartlek (usually in yoga I try not to do this) - I will give it a try - thank you :D

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Brilliant, well done. Have you thought about running outside? I know it can be dependent on where you are but it adds a different element.

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JudefGraduate in reply to Windswept1

Thank you - I have thought of running outside, and I am building myself up for that, I know it is harder from what I read than on the treadmill, so I admire your road runners. I have a planned route and it is about 2 miles mostly a cycle route and mostly downhill (it involves hubby driving me there and me running back - he is a star) - I may well do this the weekend if it is not too wet :D

Well done ! It's very sensible not to try and do too much too soon and let's not forget, you should enjoy it ! I graduated in the June and I do one 'speed' run with Lsura, going right back to the beginning but running as fast s I csn for the running bits. One 'long' run, currently 6-7k hopefully with running club and Parkrun on Saturdays, consolidation and slow improvement is the way forward imho. Happy running !

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JudefGraduate in reply to

Thank you henpen - I think you are right about making sure I enjoy it, and so far I really have and dont want to think of it as a chore. I had thought about doing that - did you go through the first few weeks and use those?

We do have a park run right near where I live, so I may join that in a few months when I am fully confident with myself :D

in reply to Judef

Yes, right back to W1 it's harder than you think going as fast as you can for 1 min !!! Good luck !

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JudefGraduate in reply to

Right that is my plan for tomorrows run then - thank you :D

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Congratulations on reaching the elusive 5k. I reckon your plan sounds about right, although I'd avoid the B210k podcasts personally. KittyKat is right, there have been so many injuries reported on here from launching straight into them after finishing c25k. Take the time to consolidate what you've achieved so far and to enjoy your success.

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JudefGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thank you AM, very pleased was a big jump from my 30 mins to just under 40, but so glad I just kept pushing through :-) Thank you for the tip, I will take it on board and enjoy x

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Well done judef, and defo a sub 40!! Lol. Let us know how you get on with what you decide to do, I should complete this in a couple of weeks and will be looking to increase distance and shorten times as well.

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JudefGraduate in reply to Sc0ttyb

Thank you - I agree - next step sub 39 hehe. I will keep up with my post to get advice and tell my story, it is quiet good it is like a little diary session. Good luck with completing the program, you can do it and how happy you will be to get your badge of honor :-) happy running

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well done!!

I drifted along a bit after reaching 5k, doing my own runs but I was missing something that actually made me make progress in some shape or form, so I moved on to the c25k+ (stepping stones, stamina & speed).

Stepping stones is good and I still do that now and again if I am feeling a bit 'lack lustre'. Stamina was incredibly hard to start with but certainly did the trick. Speed did for me and I had a few weeks of painful running with hip and quad pain. It seems really short but clearly highlights weak points.

I used to mix and match c25k+ but then started to get bored and am now doing 5-10k programme. I am not a slave to the programme and will do shorter runs if I am feelinga bit pale lilac. But it seems that I need a goal/plan to work to.

We are all different and 5k is enough for some. c25k+ doesnt suit everyone but I can honestly say that it helped motivate me. But take care with the speed & stamina podcasts if you are injury prone and dont be a slave to the programme : )

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JudefGraduate in reply to scawbyplace

Thank you for the good advice - looks like you have had a good try of them - I do like a bit of structure, I am not sure how far I want to take this running malarky, I suspect I will take that bit as it comes with regards to distance - never say never to a 10K, but at the moment running to that long makes me think.....errr no

I love the thought of being pale lilac - with a mix of Cadbury purple for the weekend

Happy Running x

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Congratulations Judef. Love the star!

With hindsight I should have short-circuited the push for speed and more distance and getting cross with myself for not achieving my own goals and just settled for ENJOYING THE RUN for a bit. Just saying. If you find you are feeling more disappointed than thrilled with your run, ditch the monitoring equipment for a bit until the love comes back.

If a 10k programme is what you are after, there are lots available. I will be picking up the BUPA beginners 10k plan asap (Poppypug doing a BUPA 10k plan I think) and I think there is one on the ASICS site. Have also read somewhere on here the B25K is a bit of a stretch for us newly graduated 5k-ers, but haven't tried it personally.

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JudefGraduate in reply to Slookie

Good advice Slookie and glad you like the star. It sounds like the theme here is just enjoy and the rest will follow in some ways.

Not sure if I am ready for a 10K, but not sure what I want to achieve, I suppose a sub 30 5k would be great, think it might be worth looking at these 10k so see how they start of - I will look up your suggestions and see what they have to offer

Thank you x

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Good for you ! Sub 40 5K sounds very good to me ! (I'm still working on it). Can I add another voice in favour of trying running outside now - I bet you'd enjoy it.

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JudefGraduate in reply to ajwyld

Thank you - keep it up you will get there :-)

I promise to give the great outdoors a go, as long as it is not tipping it down

Happy running x

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Well done .... keep up the momentum x

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JudefGraduate in reply to SeasideGirl

Thank you - :D

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Congratulations on graduating and getting to 5km. Too right its sub 40minutes :) Good luck with whatever you decide to do next and most importantly happy running!!

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JudefGraduate in reply to Vixchile

Thank you - been a good week, gonna mix it up tomorrow for my run. I think the sub 40 wins, will tell hubby I am right again hehe

Happy running to you to :D

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