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First post grad run :-)

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Did my first post grad run. Ran uphill for 0.6 miles and nearly died!! lol

Running down hill was much better. Then i added in a "little" sprint or two and died some more!

It was an unusually warm day here (for both the UK and manchester especially!!)

Anyway i am in my first race and my little girl had a great first day at school so was happy all round really x

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Perfect... You'll learn to love (and hate) hills... and those little sprints are speed work... they suck, but they're also awesome...

The thing is - you ran, you finished your run and you're a grad... great stuff... good luck in your race!

And all the little ones are going back to school so more running time... School run done? My run now... :)

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mancbirdGraduate in reply to

Unfortunately i work from 9.00 -5.15 so no change for me really now she's at school!! I fit the runs in when suits. I also have to fit them in and around my hubby's shifts but so far have managed it.

Yesterday seemed hard but it was warm and i tried something new, but hey that's what it's all about!!

I don't know how you've got so fit so must be boinic aussie or summat!!

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I was so UNFIT before I started that the improvements are so noticeable... :)

I'm dreading the return to the office next week... means I need to get up earlier to run... which does mean earlier nights and less boozy ones I guess... All conspiring against me to get me active... :) :)

Warmer weather is harder (blood pressure and heart rate go up with every degree) and sometimes you push a bit harder and surprise yourself... for the most part though, I just try to enjoy my runs (well, 2 out 3 of them - I hate my hills/intervals - but I've got races to prepare for)...

You're doing great - whenever you find that 30 minutes you know you can use it to run now! :)

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Downhill bits are my favourite. In my head I am the lead part for remake of Chariots of Fire With Girls. In the uphill bits I could audition for Dalek Attempts Staircase.

Lovely day for it though, eh :D

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mancbirdGraduate in reply to Slookie

pmsl You loon x

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Oh Slookie , you are so funny ,you are a right barmpot :-D xxx

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Well done MB, have you thought anymore about GMR ? I reckon you could do it, no problem xxx

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Well done you! It feels like the stress is gone when you don't have Laura in your ear telling you how many minutes you have done or not! Sounds like it's been a good day all round :-)

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We'll done you , sounds like a challenge well met :)

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Wow .6 mile hill is sooooo hard!!! Any incline and I am totally dying! I do avoid them if I can -- great job! :)

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