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Proper first post grad run

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So glad I went out this morning because it is currently blowing a gale & chucking it down. The wind was a bit keen this morning but I soon warmed up. Did a very light jog as my warm up before upping the pace for the first 15 mins then slowed it back to my normal pace. pushed myself through the final 10 minutes & ran 31 minutes. My Fitbit app told me that my pace is improving but gradually. Got home & thx 1st born arrived home not having done her run so I joined her for 15mins of strength & Flex exercises. It has been a great day hope you are having the same kind of day xx

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Sounds like a good day to me :)


Brilliant...very well done.. the first runs after Graduation are such fun.. no pressure and done in your own time and at your own pace:)

Running for pure pleasure... :)

Lovely to hear how well you're doing πŸ˜€ And enjoying to tooπŸ‘

I did hesitate before posting today - I wondered maybe if I post too much but then thought that it may help someone else who is aiming to graduate the program ; show that there is running after graduation and that it is possible to motivate yourself to continue to get out there & run. I do love it :D xx

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I read everyone's posts with huge awe and respect. So don't worry about posting too much. I start week NINE!!!!! Tomorrow. Really hoping the gale force wind abates before tomorrow lunch time!

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Good luck with Week 9 - it can appear a bit daunting but you've been preparing for it & you CAN do it :) xx

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I'm feeling ok abput it as have been doing 30 minutes last week but I didn't want to "cheat" as need to do tje full nine weeks to be a proper graduate! Xx

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No such thing as posting too much! I love reading about everyone's runs, good and bad, and post about all of mine!

Great stuff - you'll ace it in week 9 then :) xx

Just as long as I don't bore you all to death. I am just so excited that I can run 😁

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