A thankful run

It's not been a great week.

My lovely hairdresser's husband has died after a long struggle with liver cancer, and I have just heard that my cousin has to have another stem cell transplant after Christmas and that a friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was talking myself out of a run today because my hip is niggling a bit and I knew it would be very muddy down the farm track where I run.

But I'm glad I decided to go after all just because I can, and because there may come a day when I can't any more.

Make the most of the day and rejoice in your ability to run - however slow a pace or short a distance.


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26 Replies

  • I'm so sorry to hear about all this Ully. Keep strong, surround yourself with love and keep running my friend and I'm sending you a big hug xxx

  • Thank you Irish. It's a serious reality check when those close emotionally and in age, are struggling with ill health.

  • Well done Ully, particularly at such difficult times. I'm on the same page as you, I can so I do. We each need the 'me time' too! 💐

  • Thanks Jacs - yes that time for reflection, especially at this time of year, is very important.

  • So sorry to hear this Ully, it all seems so much more poignant at this time of year. I am glad that you found some comfort in your running.

    Stay strong xxx

  • Thanks Pops. I actually found it quite uplifting this morning.

  • Wise words - and the uplifting feeling from a good run will help you stay strong for others.

  • You are so right. The running is great solace.

  • Gosh Ully, that is awful - I'm so sorry that all these people you know are going through such awful things. I too have just lost a dear friend to cancer, and another friend's husband (a fit non smoker in his 40s) has just been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer.

    I second your thoughts about running while you can - I can't at the moment because of a stubborn injury that won't go away, and I'm bouncing off the walls not being able to run!! You are lucky you've got your fitness and I'm really envious! How did your hip niggle hold up during and after the run? x

  • Sorry you're laid up northernlass - hopefully not for too much longer.

    The hip of course was actually fine. It gets a bit achy now and then but I think I was looking for an excuse not to go today!

  • Hey Ully, positive thoughts and vibes coming to you, you are always encouraging and supportive here, take some of that support coming back at you....🤗

    I ran this morning, in a vest and shorts would you believe! But it was gorgeous, misty to start with, then the sun crept through, a beautiful start to the day, I felt so lucky looking across the fields, met a few dog walkers all wrapped up in their winter coats, one lady, I did say to, 'morning, isn't it a lovely one' , looked at me as though I was a bit strange 😄

    I may not look too pretty, I huff and puff a bit and I'm slow, but I delight in the fact that I can run, and can keep running.......


  • Thank you so much Madge. A few exchanges on here always make me feel a lot better. I am counting my blessings today.

  • That's a tough week - very sorry you've had a spike of bad news.

    Thanks for reminding us how important it is to make the most of our health and to do what makes us feel good. Take care - and keep running! :-)

  • Thanks. We know we are lucky to be able to run - even on the days when it feels like an effort

  • Sorry to hear that Ully , sending you big hugs from me . like you say, we never know whats round the corner so enjoy the fresh air and run for therapy xxx

  • Thanks. Indeed, I feel much restored and it's lovely to run just because you can!

  • Sorry to hear that Ully, this year I also had good share of grief, 2 friends with bowel and pancreatic cancer, the one with pancreatic cancer died in a matter of months, misdiagnosed and left too long. Sister in-law with bone cancer is responding well to treatment, another friend with dementia was an excellent engineer, but is now just a shell who walks about the house following his wife, she is putting up with a lot and also working, my friendly neighbour died from motorcycle accident, and lastly my wife slinky was diagnosed with large thyroid goitre growing down in her chest and had to have a sternotomy along with a thyroid incision to remove it, she's doing well.. and with all that, life goes on, as it doe's for all of us, take care...

  • Oh Dave, that's a real litany of woes. We really do need to take the time to appreciate what we have don't we.

    I'm so glad Slinky continues to do well. Big hug from me x

  • These things really bring home how lucky we are. When I look around I see friends the same age as me with incurable lung disease, or stuck in a wheelchair because of a botched hip replacement, one guy's heart stopped beating 3 years ago and so many are so unfit they can no longer enjoy long walks. And then there's the friend who died from bowel cancer this year who was exactly 1 year older than me. So going for a run just because you can is a celebration of life and I, like you, will be running as long as I can. Hope things get better for you soon and your loved ones stay fit and healthy!

  • Thank you Jaysee. I couldn't agree more- let's celebrate our good fortune and run!

  • Yep - I always avoided dancing like the plague (until I learned some body confidence through running, I think I posted about that a while ago) and one evening on a night out this bloody woman kept pestering me to dance with her.

    I kept telling her I did not want to and finally she drew herself up, looked at me scornfully and said

    "John -----, there are people in this town tonight in wheelchairs who would give anything they have to be able to get up and dance!"

    So, I did. Did not really enjoy it and shaming/embarrassing someone into doing something is not great - but I do keep it in mind that I am lucky to be able to at least attempt things physically that I might be averse to mentally because of fear of failure or whatever.

    Your run today was very life affirming and an appropriate reminder to us all that we are indeed blessed to be qualified to be on this forum.

    Thank you for a timely reminder, and my commiserations on your friend and relative.

  • Thank you Irish.

  • Ully.... just sending a hug...run and hold onto the love and the strength :)

  • Thanks. As always marvellous support from everyone on the forum.

  • Absolutely! So sorry about your sad news 😑

  • I'm sorry that you and your loved ones have had a rotten go lately. We must be thankful for all of those days we can run, good, bad and ugly. To be able to run is truly a blessing, and I find it brings me both physical health and some small mental piece when I need it most.

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