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Some times you have to grow a pair and just do it


I've been trying to increase my distance per week for a month or so with little to show for it and I was thinking that perhaps 5k is my distance. Any way this weekend I decided to push the boat out and go for a gentle 10k; conscious of the rules around increasing by no more than 10% per week I decided to break it down into 20 mins running followed by 2 mins walk. The first 5k felt a bit stiff (no idea why, perhaps the anticipation), but after that I started to feel quite loose and relaxed. Pleased to say I completed the 10k in 1hour 10mins. Gonna take a few days rest and enjoy the mini victory before o go out again

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Well done you, sometimes you just have to go for it 😀


Well done, sometimes it just has to be done! Enjoy your success.


....and not a bad time at all... well done.


Oh it's great when the planets align and a run comes off. Yes!!!!! It doesn't happen often that everything goes perfectly. There's usually a fly in the ointment, so when things do go well it's a great feeling.

Bask in your glory and then get out there again. Have a good rest day !


Well done, glad you found a strategy that worked for you. ☺

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