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Hi all, I graduated some time last year, still never hit the 5k in 30 mins but managed 5k in under 50 mins. Still morbidly obese but still gradually loosing weight, sticking to the healthy eating etc. 5ft high and 4ft wide instead of 5ft wide lol. Anyway I developed a habit of wanting a short walk even if it was 30 seconds 25 mins into running!! I have also been really sick the beginning of this year which took me out of my exercise plan (4 strength training sessions and 3 runs per week!) for a few weeks and not doing as good when I was sticking to it. So I decided to go back to c25k from the beginning but challenging myself to going quicker on the treadmill, this is working, I'm now closer to 4k on week 7, going at a faster pace and managing it. However I have 2 weeks left and I was wondering whether to continue trying to push speed or should I go on to 10k which was always what I wanted to do. Do I do 10k even If I don't reach 5k in 30 mins? Do you use a 10k podcast or app? I used an app first time round but missed out on Laura, so I'm now doing it through the podcasts lol. Looking,at the app it's stop/start walk/run again to 10k, I can really only fit in 3 runs per week so if I was to do that would you recommend doing the app twice per week and still run a solid 4to 5k? Or would you do the 3 app run/walks per week? If anyone remembers me I was the one who started running in the living room, getting faster, crashing into walls and going dizzy haha. So bought a treadmill, although still not happy to go alone outside I have eventually bit the bullet and managed to go out with hubby and I've loved it!!

Take care everyone.


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  • Someone once posted a link to a site where you could calculate, taking into account weight and age, a reasonable 5K time. I think the bottom line (aside from showing you how losing weight helps) is that running 5k inside 30 minutes is not a goal for everyone (certainly isn't for me, my PB for 5k is 43 minutes and that was set a long while ago and I don't get close now... but the calculator suggested I might achieve 35 minutes, I guess assuming I wanted to work at it)

    The NHS C25K is about acquiring a regular running habit...what form that takes is up to you. Sounds like extending distance is what you *want* to do. That doesn't mean speed work is redundant. You could have a go at Laura's suite of C25K+ podcasts to start with.

    There are some other podcasts from other sources to take you to 10k (and we have a Bridge to 10K forum on HealthUnlocked) Depends how focussed you want to be... but it sounds as though you quite like the run/walk system so might be for you. I just did longer and longer runs from time to time (assisted by the 6 week Quests that RealFoodieClub runs here for us... you set your own goals for those)

    It's great you are getting outside sometimes now, adds in a whole load more benefits.

  • Fantastic, I agree because research shows that exercising 3 times a week for over 30 minutes SIGNIFICANTLY improves health, so 5 k, at 43 minutes X 3 is going to make a huge difference, well done πŸ˜€

  • Hi Joolie, I'm at the gym 4 times per week and run 3 times per week, one day I do both and I do have a day off, so hopefully I've improved a lot lol.

  • Wow, I feel inspired but also a little weary after hearing about all your activity. I manage 3 runs a week - 2 X 5k and a 10k, after that, I struggle to do much more. Also had a silly leg so managing that as best I can. Would like to introduce more exercise, maybe walking on my running rest days but for me, never the gym x

  • Hi Google, I joined the 10k forum when I graduated but never got round to progressing. I even intended to the speed and stamina podcasts but the only thing I developed was a tiny walk after 25 minutes of running which I was getting annoyed with. I'm now week 9 of my 3rd bout of c25k coming in at a faster pace, however I'm possibly too fast, it's not realistic iyswim.

  • I run at around 7 mins per km so cover 5km in around 35 mins. Feels comfortable and achievable for me right now. When I graduated from C25K, I completed Parkrun in 43 minutes. My speed has only improved without trying, naturally as my fitness and stamina improved. I often have hills as part of my running but have focussed on increasing distance once a week and finding new places to run like the fields and woods to allow soft ground to be kinder to my legs but also as in the winter, that is not always possible

  • Congratulations for your tenacity - the world would be a better place if more people had your determination :)

    Why the obsession with 5k in less than 30 minutes? Give yourself a break, kiddo. I've only done it twice, but the main pleasure each time I run is remembering when I couldn't even run for a minute without keeling over.

    It sounds like you need a plan to stick to and a target to hit - so why not go for the 10k app twice a week, as you say, and use the other run to improve your speed on the 5K, just for the challenge?

    Kudos to you for getting outside for a run - hope you continue because half of the magic of running is the great outdoors. Keep us posted!

  • I think this is what I might do, I'm just worried that I'm not sticking to a rigid plan, by doing it 3 times per week. Think having done c25k again, it's possibly the structure that's keeping me going. Just about to do week 9 at a much faster pace but have had no walk breaks except the ones planned.

  • To me , you seem to be VERY enthusiastic and keen to do "something" !! Only you really knows what that "something" is - take it all slowly but consistently - including the dietary side of things. You have said that you are obese - - it took you a long time to get there and it is going to also take a long time to get back to where you were. But - remember , you have already been there so you can get back there again!!

  • Very true, great comment. A sub 30 minute 5k might be someone's goal, running 3 X 30 mins a week or even running in the woods for fun. Whatever makes you feel u have achieved something, go for it, no comparisons with others, it is about you

  • So far I've lost over 5 stone. I haven't lost much this year, however I haven't put on either! Could be due to the fact that chocolate has creeped into my diet again!! Really need to kick that habit again, still have over 5 stone to lose to be overweight lol.

  • Losing weight and running! A hot topic. I lost 2 stone before I ran but nothing since I started running. I eat a bit more though so it's my own responsibility but I sort of think I deserve a treat which won't get me to my goal!!

  • Sounds to me like you have the determination to do whatever you choose to do. My only advice would be to not try to reach your goals too rapidly, gentle but sure progress is the way to go. I agree with the others, if 10km is your goal then forget about speed. As you have already discovered, speed actually improves gradually on its own, without you worrying about it, if you just keep running regularly.

    I'm sure there are lots of great programs out there to get you to 10km, but all I did was increase my long run by 5 minutes each month. I do 3 runs a week, 2 x 30 mins runs during the week and a long run on sunday. I've been gradually increasing my long run, just thet little extra 5 minutes, since injury in April last year. Last month I reached 22km and I've decided to hold at that distance for now. The trick is gradual increase. Just like C25K in fact. Don't add so much each time that it becomes a real chore, or beyond reach, and causes you to become disheartened. Set comfortable attainable new goals, that way you advance steadily without risk of injury.

    As for the podcasts, up to 10km I just played the C25K+ stamina podcast twice through, that worked very well for me. Since then I've also used Audiofuel polyrunner which has a set of 1 hour podcasts at several different cadences between 160 and 170bpm I think, although I'm still using the 160 bpm :)

    It seems pretty clear to me that if you set your mind to something, then you will achieve it, you have that tenacity. So just take it steadily, and increase you distances very gradually so as not to risk injury.

    Happy Running :)

  • Wow 22k!! Another one who's just adding time rather than following an app, might be the way off keeping up the running rather than breaking for a walk and developing a habit of it during 5k, going to think about going this route rather than an app. Maybe still doing the stamina and speed podcasts. I do the gym 4 times as well as my 3 runs per week. I do have a day off so one of the days I do both.however I still have quite a bit of weight to lose.

    Happy running yourself!

  • Since graduating, I have been determined to do non stop running which I achieved to 10k but then a niggly calf made me stop and walk a few times on my runs. I am now trying to get back to non stop running but on a trail run, there are gates, dogs and photo opportunities I stop for and I try to relax and make running fun rather than a slog

  • Sounds to me like you need to do what you really want to do which is run longer distances, getting up to 10k.

    Who says 5k has to be run in 30 mins? The whole point is you can run 5k, regardless if it takes you longer. You should be proud of this and not get fixated on times and speed.

  • Thankyou.

  • You can pick and choose what you like. Nothing wrong with a 5k once a week before and the podcasts other days. Or just design your own slow increase of time to one long run a week.

    There's also nothing wrong with having walk breaks. You can travel further, often nearly as fast as 100% running. Happy running, sounds like you're doing great.

  • Thankyou.

  • Hi, I also got in a habit of stopping at a certain point in my runs. To get over this, I made my mind up that I would make it to the next tree, bench, bend, etc before stopping. This really helped me focus on where I was, instead of focusing on the time. Also changing route helped. This won't help while your on the treadmill, but if you cover the reader so you don't focus on the numbers it might make a difference.

    That said, many people use run/walk as a method of increasing distance, have a look at some of Bazza1234 posts to give you ideas.

    To get to 10K I did 2 x 30 min or 5k runs alternating with stamina/speed podcasts, my own music, radio, hill work whatever took my fancy. Then did a longer run once a week increasing time to start with but also keeping an eye on distance when close to the next km. I also printed off the BUPA 10k plan which I was aware of and loosely used in the background. Sometimes I stop for breathers during runs, most people do, there's nothing wrong with this, without them you miss what's going on around you.

  • Thankyou, I think I will start increasing my distance once a week. I'll bear in mind pushing myself lamppost to lamppost.

  • First of all,M well done for your determination. I graduated some months ago now, fastest 5k I have ever done is 34 mins, at graduation it took me 43 mins. I am 52 with a stone to lose so I only increased my speed naturally because I was fitter. Right now, I have a niggly calf muscle so even 5k is a battle. However, I think 2 short runs a week (5k for example at a nice and steady speed) and then a long run (maybe even 5 1/2 K to start with) is fantastic. I just don't want to be fast, I enjoy plodding along and feel distance is a better goal for me. I have run many 10ks and even a 15k. This was all done with small increases in my long run

  • Well done!! I'm thinking increasing the distance one run per week might be the way forward, rather than following an app. Although I may give the stamina and speed podcasts a shot. Keep inspiring people!

  • Straight after graduating from C25K, I went onto a 10k app but within a week my legs were not coping. I wasn't ready for tempo runs (still not a speed freak) and I found doing my own plan allowed me to see how my legs coped. I have still had one or two niggles but no injuries as such increasing my long run. Did a 10k event last weekend and yesterday ran a 10k in the woods. Pretty happy with that but my September Half Marathon goal may be tricky

  • You have the will power to do whatever you choose. Like many others, I would also suggest you go for the 10k, because it sounds like that is what motivates you. Never mind speed. I run 5k in 39 minutes, of course I would love to go faster, but the main thing is to keep it enjoyable. Otherwise I won't get out there at all.

    You are doing incredibly well already. Keep posting, would love to follow your progress!

  • RealFoodieClub's regular forum Quests might be enough structure for you - we're in the first week of our six week cycle and you pick your own goals.

    I found that an interesting route helped with the tendency to stop - wanting to see what was round the next bend, or telling myself 'just until the next bridge' or whatever.

    Runkeeper also put up occasional challenges which have proved helpful in getting me to achieve a distance if I've got out of the habit.

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