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I've signed up for a 10k on 12th July which is 9 weeks tomorrow (Sunday).

I have been running 5k in 38-40mins for past couple of weeks and would like advice about increasing distance please.

I think I will increase distance by 0.5km each week will just bring me up to 10k in time.

My question is:

Do you run 3 x per week at the increased distance or do you run 2 x per week at 5 k and 1 x per week at increased distance

I know it may sound like a silly question but I just wanted to check.

I decided against doing the podcast I downloaded as I can already run for 40 mins continuously and I'm not bothered about how long it takes me to do the 10k I just want to complete it without injuring myself!

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi manc! I'm increasing for a 10K 11th July and asked pretty much the same question! Iannoda posted a great report on his research into this today - can't see the title without coming out of this post, but was called something like 'increasing distance and an apology' scroll through for it, it's worth reading! :-) The advice I'm (very loosely) following is to increase by approximately 10% of my weekly total. I'm adding the extra onto one long run and keeping the other two at 5K. I'm also 'seeing how it goes' I don't suppose I get 10% fitter every week, so I'm doing what feels right without being lazy. No injuries so far :-)

    It's called 'The 10% rule... And an apology' :-)

  • thanks Potty - I read the post you mentioned but it was too wordy for me. I need it spelling out simply lol!!

    Glad to know you are following the same plan.

    Will stick to just doing one run at the increased distance and see how I go.

    Good luck for your 10 k on 11th July! :)

  • I have just done this doing, 1 'long run' (increasing by up to .5k per week), 1 park run and 1 half hour interval run per week (3-4k), and it worked fine for me. I am also terrified of injury but the first 10k is now complete and I'm fine ! Good luck.

  • Hi henpen. Good advice, thanks.

    I see someone has suggested using the first week's C25k podcast for interval timings which is a good idea.

    Well done on the 10k!! :)

    Thanks again.

  • I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago. I've been increasing my mileage by 1/2 a mile each week. I've been doing a club run on a tuesday where i run 3 miles at a reasonable intensity. I then have an easy run on Thursday where i run around 3 miles at whatever pace and then I do a long run which is the run I have been increasing at about 1/2 a mile a week and i am now up to 5 miles. I have an event on the 9th of June which is for 5.7 mile which i am keen to show to myself that i can cope with the distance.

    So far so good. I feel confident and inspired. It seems to be working for me, but again everything needs to be considered on a person by person basis. Like you i am not bothered about how long it will take me. I just want to be able to finish the race without feeling over exhausted and injured.

  • thanks marc, it seems like increasing at 0.5km for the long run is the way to go! :)

  • Good luck with your upcoming 10K, MP.

    I've had success with a 3-run weekly regime, same as henpen90:

    - Long run, as slow as you like, gradually increasing the distance

    - Short run, 4-5km with speed intervals. I've used C25k W1r1 or W2r1 with sprint/jog instead of run/walk.

    - parkrun

  • Using the initial C25k podcasts for training by doing sprints between jogs is a great idea! I think I will try that as part of my 10k programme.

  • Hi Marky!

    Great idea to use the podcast for interval training.

    I shall give it a go.

    Will stick to 5km x 1 , intervals x 1 and 1 x long run

    thanks for the advice :)

  • My post, mentioned above is at healthunlocked.com/couchto5... I hope it answers some questions and gives some pointers.

  • thanks Iannoda. Got the gist of what you were saying I think. Tbh was a bit overwhelmed reading it as there was a lot of information and my concentration is that good.

    But do I understand that increasing by 10% each week for the one long run is ok?

    I won't be pushing myself speed wise on the long run. My main aim is to do the distance it's not about time.

    Cheers :)

  • This has just worked for me, increasing from 5k to 10k in a similar timeframe.

    I continued to run 3 times a week.

    2 of those runs at 5k, the 3rd 0.5k longer.

    Increasing just the 3rd run each week.

    So each week has 2 x 5k runs and 1 x an increased distance run. Until eventually (today πŸ˜€) I made it to 10k :-)

    Good luck πŸ€ xx

  • That's great pink angel !

    Good to know the plan works.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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