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10k - question re increasing distance


I've signed up for a 10k on 12th July which is 9 weeks tomorrow (Sunday).

I have been running 5k in 38-40mins for past couple of weeks and would like advice about increasing distance please.

I think I will increase distance by 0.5km each week will just bring me up to 10k in time.

My question is:

Do you run 3 x per week at the increased distance or do you run 2 x per week at 5 k and 1 x per week at increased distance

I know it may sound like a silly question but I just wanted to check.

I decided against doing the podcast I downloaded as I can already run for 40 mins continuously and I'm not bothered about how long it takes me to do the 10k I just want to complete it without injuring myself!

Thanks in advance

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Hi manc! I'm increasing for a 10K 11th July and asked pretty much the same question! Iannoda posted a great report on his research into this today - can't see the title without coming out of this post, but was called something like 'increasing distance and an apology' scroll through for it, it's worth reading! :-) The advice I'm (very loosely) following is to increase by approximately 10% of my weekly total. I'm adding the extra onto one long run and keeping the other two at 5K. I'm also 'seeing how it goes' I don't suppose I get 10% fitter every week, so I'm doing what feels right without being lazy. No injuries so far :-)

It's called 'The 10% rule... And an apology' :-)


thanks Potty - I read the post you mentioned but it was too wordy for me. I need it spelling out simply lol!!

Glad to know you are following the same plan.

Will stick to just doing one run at the increased distance and see how I go.

Good luck for your 10 k on 11th July! :)


I have just done this doing, 1 'long run' (increasing by up to .5k per week), 1 park run and 1 half hour interval run per week (3-4k), and it worked fine for me. I am also terrified of injury but the first 10k is now complete and I'm fine ! Good luck.


Hi henpen. Good advice, thanks.

I see someone has suggested using the first week's C25k podcast for interval timings which is a good idea.

Well done on the 10k!! :)

Thanks again.


I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago. I've been increasing my mileage by 1/2 a mile each week. I've been doing a club run on a tuesday where i run 3 miles at a reasonable intensity. I then have an easy run on Thursday where i run around 3 miles at whatever pace and then I do a long run which is the run I have been increasing at about 1/2 a mile a week and i am now up to 5 miles. I have an event on the 9th of June which is for 5.7 mile which i am keen to show to myself that i can cope with the distance.

So far so good. I feel confident and inspired. It seems to be working for me, but again everything needs to be considered on a person by person basis. Like you i am not bothered about how long it will take me. I just want to be able to finish the race without feeling over exhausted and injured.


thanks marc, it seems like increasing at 0.5km for the long run is the way to go! :)


Good luck with your upcoming 10K, MP.

I've had success with a 3-run weekly regime, same as henpen90:

- Long run, as slow as you like, gradually increasing the distance

- Short run, 4-5km with speed intervals. I've used C25k W1r1 or W2r1 with sprint/jog instead of run/walk.

- parkrun


Using the initial C25k podcasts for training by doing sprints between jogs is a great idea! I think I will try that as part of my 10k programme.


Hi Marky!

Great idea to use the podcast for interval training.

I shall give it a go.

Will stick to 5km x 1 , intervals x 1 and 1 x long run

thanks for the advice :)


My post, mentioned above is at I hope it answers some questions and gives some pointers.


thanks Iannoda. Got the gist of what you were saying I think. Tbh was a bit overwhelmed reading it as there was a lot of information and my concentration is that good.

But do I understand that increasing by 10% each week for the one long run is ok?

I won't be pushing myself speed wise on the long run. My main aim is to do the distance it's not about time.

Cheers :)


This has just worked for me, increasing from 5k to 10k in a similar timeframe.

I continued to run 3 times a week.

2 of those runs at 5k, the 3rd 0.5k longer.

Increasing just the 3rd run each week.

So each week has 2 x 5k runs and 1 x an increased distance run. Until eventually (today 😀) I made it to 10k :-)

Good luck 🍀 xx


That's great pink angel !

Good to know the plan works.

Thanks for sharing :)


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