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I just have to share this with you


Go go go you can do it!

I'm 53 and started the programme 12 or so weeks ago and graduated right on the 9 week goal target. I ran through rain, snow, wind and sun and to my amazement I loved it. What is surprising is that when I was young I was rubbish endurance runner and hated with a vengeance any running over a 100m distance. Consequently I hadn't run since about 1980, this morning however I beat my record and I ran 5k in 27:02! I have also got to add that I was quite over weight when I started the programme but with a good diet and the running I have lost 19 kilos (42lbs) since mid January and am feeling on top of the world.

My advice to any older or beginner runners out there is go for it, if you stick to the programme and go at a speed that you are comfortable with you will graduate and feel great for it. I have found that having a GPS application on my iphone has really helped as it has allowed me to check distances and stats after every run and then again the reassuring voice of Laura was a really massive help too.

My next goal now is to get to 10k mark, so speed is no longer important but sticking to the new training programme is. I will try to post some updates on my new goal.

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Well done you ! 5k in 27 min is very impressive, as is your weight loss. Keep it up !


Well done indeed!


That's brilliant! I'm struggling on the speed but just have one more run to go before I graduate so I am sitting here impatiently waiting for the rain to pass so I can go out. If it doesn't clear up soon I'm just going to head out there and get wet anyway! Are you doing the B210K now?


Well done - your story is very similar to my own except your time is better than mine and you've lost more weight than me. And I thought I was doing well...

Now I'll have to buckle down and catch up with you!

Good luck with the 10k target.

Thanks guys it would have been approx 15 seconds less if my best mate hadn't rung me two minutes from the end of the run causing the Nike +GPS app going into pause mode, even while I was running:( @Lucy - I'm not sure yet I have downloaded it and gave the first run a try last week. It went quite well but I believe that Laura is bringing out a new podcast for graduates of the 5k so I am reluctant to start some thing else before seeing what she will release.

@Macy - You are doing well and maybe I was just way heavier then you to begin with:)


Wow! Blimey you're fast! Well done on everything :)


Flippin heck that is brilliant thanks for sharing that, well done from a fifty year old tortoise x


Wow well done that's fantastic :)


Wooohooo! That's brilliant!!!

Cheers everyone:) Decided yesterday evening to treat myself to a tasty new pair of running shoes as a reward! Its amazingly expensive this running lark;-)

Brilliant stuff!! Well done :)


Brilliant; well done that man.


great stuff! what an impressive time! it is annoying when people call during a run, I wish I could disable calling on my iphone whilst allowing the gps to still work ;-)

mwgolfacademyGraduate in reply to Misstrolly

Damn annoying, the good news is I have now disabled the pause on the Nike +GPS app, so now I can answer (even if I will sound like the guy from Scary movie) or ignore any calls and will still have the time running on the app :-)

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