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The worlds conspiring to stop me graduating by christmas

So ive been hoping to graduate on tye 16th December. Ive already skipped one run due to my daughter being really ill with tonsillitis andvear infections butvmanage to just skip over thatt run so no delays to my target date.

I also missed my first 25 minute run last friday but as i got out on Monday and completed the 25 minutes i was hoping to skip a run again and move on to week 8 after three 25 min runs rather than four to keep my original graduation. That date is also the day before my birthday which is why ive been clinging to it.

Last night we were back at out of hours and my little girl has tonsillitis again so ill be staying home with her today and not running anywhere. So another missed run and gone are my chances of hitting the 16th.

Im a bit disappointed but right now getting my girl well is all that matters. Ive come so far already, ill just need to be a year older than i wanted to be when i earn that badge.

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I know how you feel. My graduation will be a week after it should have been. A couple of minor injuries and life generally getting in the way have meant I've had to postpone a few runs. And I don't even have children! The main thing is you're getting out there and doing it and you will graduate. It's still a huge achievement and when you look back in a few months time that extra week or so it might have taken will seem so insignificant (even if it feels like you're a year older!). Hope your daughter gets well soon!


Please don't worry about an actual date. I know it has significance being the day before your birthday but not many people actually graduate exactly 9 weeks after starting. People get injured, need extra rest days between runs because of aches and niggles and life just sometimes gets in the way!

Honestly, although that graduation run is the one you've been working towards all these weeks, you must remember that as far as your runs go, it is just one of so many more you will have in your running life. You (hopefully) won't wake up the day after graduation and think "that's that done" you will be thinking about your next run and your next goal. That#s not to take anything away from the graduation run at all but if you look at it like that then you can hopefully remember how far you've come, how much running you have left to do and how much more you will achieve. You will always remember your graduation run, the route you took, how you felt at the end but when you've been running long after graduation it won't matter which day or date that was. Please be careful about skipping runs too as I know you have been injury free this far but it would be even worse if you were a couple of runs from graduating and got an injury that put you out for two months. It can be tempting but, from experience, the IC is a miserable place.

Whenever it happens, you will graduate, you will be proud, we will celebrate with you. :)


Look at it as a late birthday celebration, and take it steady. The IC is not a nice birthday pressie 😀


I think its great that you set yourself a date and are obviously so motivated to achieve your target. Really shows how committed you are to meeting your goal and how much you are enjoying running... however in the long run, when you look back on this experience, maybe it won't be the actual date you did it that will be important, it will be that you did it - and you managed it with all the other competing priorities and things crop up in life - especially this time of year with all the viruses etc. currently doing the rounds.

Try to go easy on your self - you've done great, and a few extra days or even a week or two to finish will not make any difference to your ongoing life as a runner.

I do understand how you feel. I'm struggling this week to fit 3 runs in due to work travel and it irritates me - which is why writing this has helped me put it in to some perspective. Thanks for the post.

Good luck! :-)


Just means you'll have something great to look forward to. you've come so far, so don't stress over a few days, you're in this for the long run, so to speak :)


Never mind! You can wear it with honour, no matter what your age!


Don't worry or put extra pressure on yourself ! Life stuff can't help getting in the way. I'm a silly old git of 60 (Fast becoming Victor Meldrew!). Bet you will have graduated far younger than me.

I am happy with my running and fitness and well being but like you and others I like a challenge. I'm going to do my first park run 17th December (may be one of very few, have to work Saturdays).

I run 5k in about 32 to 33 minutes and have said to myself wouldn't it be great to do under 30 minutes on that run ! I have been setting myself small challenges increasing distance and time and achieving most.

But I have to say to myself "Where's the fire". Just enjoy the event and camaraderie. If you beat your target great . Just enjoy the moment and the main thing is be happy !

Anyway be a challenge to look forward to next year ! when I'm 61 in January. Statistics will look better anyway as an under 5k in 30 minutes 61 year old !

Happy running ! you'll get there !


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