new to running - w1

phew tired just thinking about it again. well ive started running at nearly 44 and 15stone. im doing it with my dog as we both need to get fit lol. foolishly id done a couple of build up runs before i started - silly girl.... i did way too much lol. consiquently w1r1 was hell, i missed the last 5min run segment, missed a day and did w1r1 again and did it all, missed a day and did w1r2 did it again! time for the next one and i had to sit out a run as my legs really were like lead! ummed and arred about going out last nite and decided sod it ill beat you....did a new route with less corners and managed to do it again. i have to say having good music is helping so much. tomorrow is my w1r6 as it were - no way was i ready to move forward. im taking the weekend off and going onto mon/wed/fri running and see how that goes.

reading this forum has really helped - seeing that im not the only one who is struggling.... being overtaken by a really old bloke the other day was depressing.

betty xx


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  • Hello Betty and welcome to this great new world. You've started to do something life changing for your health and well being. It'll be hard at times but so worth it so take each run nice and slowly, stretch and take your rest days, as you're doing.

    Post here to tell us how you're doing and feel free to ask questions or if you need support or reassurance ( we all need that at times). Everyone here is very friendly and lovely and we really are a huge running club!

    Don't worry about your speed at this stage or anyone who overtakes you. This is not a race so do it at a pace that suits you. I got overtaken the other day by two (older) runners but I didn't care as I was very happy with my speed and just enjoying the run.

    Enjoy the programme and good luck.

  • thanks for the reply. im going really slow but it is a run technically lol. i find myself cursing "the run" saying ill beat you i wont stop as i go turtle speed.

    i was rather surprised at how good i felt mentally that id done it all on wednesday xx

  • Love your attitude! And yes the mental benefits are huge too. Spring is here. What's not to love?

  • erm clocks going forward and having to be 2hrs drive away at 8am on sunday? lol

    thanks - apart from aching legs i feel great xx

  • Hi Betty, well done on starting C25k! You're doing great :)

    Look forward to seeing how your next run goes !

  • thanks x

  • Well done Betty and good luck as you move through the programme. It's great that you've got a 4 legged friend to join you. There is a guy that does our local parkrun with his dog and the dog obviously loves it.

  • Thanks billy loves it, got him a harness which is much better and he's getting the hang of not pulling. Xx

  • Betty and Billy, has a certain ring to it!

  • Believe you can do it and you will. Make sure you stretch afterwards. Good luck.

  • Thanks, need to find some stretches xx

  • Please take heart from my story - that week 1 podcast was a monster for me. Took me so many attempts until I cracked it and got the 3 successes under my belt I lost count but it was over 12. I didn't lose heart, fortunately. I used a strategy of walking the rest of the session as soon as I really couldn't run any more so I had a very clear progression.

    Perhaps not that heartening... but the key bit of information is that after that, I ran more or less every other day and every run was completed in full.

  • Thanks, it's reassuring that other struggle too xx

  • Hi Betty, I'm also 44 however I'm a lot heavier than you, with an obscene bmi. I've been on week 1 run 1 for months. This is my second attempt at c25k as I gave up last year after week 2!! I do however do other exercise.

    So far with all the strength training I've being doing and aerobic stuff, I've managed to loose 3 stone, still a loooooooong way to go their though.

    I am a lot fitter than when I started and am ready to do week 1 run 2 for however long it takes to make me feel comfortable.

    My problem is I was doing this at home and I'm now getting too fast, I've smashed into walls and going dizzy running in circles lol. But the catch 22 for me is only being 5ft and being as wide as I am small.

    I do wish I had someone to partner up with to go out and about but they would need to be similar fitness to me lol.

    All I can say is we'll done, and your out there doing it, that's what counts!! If it gets too much just repeat the same podcast for as long as it takes. I done this as I didn't want to give up this time and your so right' reading the forum inspires you and gives loads of advice!

    Keep it up xxx

  • Well done. If you are able I would go outdoors. I went out after dark when I first started or at quiet times. I am now happy enough to go out at any time and don't' give a damn what other people think of me, I am happy running. I am not a gazelle, I am not fast, I am not thin, I am not young but I am happy and getting out there and doing something. Remember when you are out there running everyone on here is with you willing you to succeed. Well done for starting and happy running.

  • Thankyou, sorry I've just got the notification!! I've bought myself a treadmill to use in the house to solve my indoor issue. I went out one night with the hubby but it was 11pm lol, I will one day be out there doing it. I really should move on to week 1 run 2 but keep thinking what if I fail........anyway it's treadmill day today and looking forward to it.

  • Thanks and well done you on your hard work. I do other stuff too - mucked out 4 stables this morning and walked about doing other farmy stuff.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thankyou, you keep up your good work too xx

  • Well done. The 1st week is a real eye opener. I think a lot of people, me included, struggled with week 1. I think it is also a mental block. If you convince yourself you can do it you will do it. I would love to run with my dog but she is a little too excitable at the beginning of a walk and then tires quickly - Typical Labrador :).

    You CAN do this. Keep posting, everyone is so supportive. Whatever you are going through someone will reply with advise, encouragement or a kick up the backside if that's what you require. Just remember when you are out there you are not alone we are all there with you encouraging you on all the way (that sounds a little creepy :(). You CAN to this.

  • Billy is a dalmatian and a loony hence I got a no-pull harness for £12 from the pet part of pound stretcher. I'm getting a dog running belt next so it's an even pull. Xx

  • I might give that a try. :)

  • It makes a huge difference x

  • Don't let it depress you! Think rather that if he can do it at his age then so can I. You will too! Just keep slowly plugging away and you'll succeed

    The rewards are there for the taking. Better health, being slimmer and fitter and able to run for half an hour. Your dog will thank you for it too

    Go for it Betty, you won't regret it. Pace yourself though and don't be in too big a hurry. Like a good cheese or a fine wine, these things take time to develop

    Have fun!

  • Thankyou. Billy loves it, e is getting his hips scored end of May and I need him fit. Once I'm fit too we can perform better showing - it's not a good luck to run round the ring a sweaty mess lol xx

  • Agree with all the above 100%

    There was a lady in our local newspaper yesterday who's just completed her first 10k at 77 years of age !

    I think Im going to go round to hers and ask her for some tips ! :-) xxx

  • My friend lost 4stone and got fit walking - she did the moonwalk marathon, if she can I can! X

  • Yay Go Betty and Billy - the dynamic duo !

    You can do it Betty, we are behind you all the way :-) xxx

  • ❤️❤️ Thankyou xx

  • Well Betty congratulations on starting the program. I'm impressed how you are sticking in there. I'm also 44 and all I can say is I stuck with the program and it worked. I see you are only progressing when your ready which is great. It's not a race so by only moving on when your ready should help keep you off the IC. Good luck keep posting and we will be here too :) J

  • Thanks I'm determined that's for sure. Xxx

  • Thanks everyone got your support. I did w1r3 again last night and chuffed to say I did it all again!

    The last 3runs were really hard and got a bit of cramping but I did it. Got home a bit soon so had to walk down the street n back to finish my cool down, actually did stretches aswell when I'd done. Legs don't feel as stiff this morning just a bit sore.

    I'm having the weekend off running and I think I'll repeat week one next week - just to be sure.

    Thanks again for the support xx

  • Well done we are with you. Week 2 here you come :) J

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