When April, moved to May..and it looks like June and I NEED it done by July!!!

Knee started playing up in April.. thought ide rest it for a few days.. tried a run 16th and realised it wasn't going to happen anytime soon  ...

May came.. doctor app made..xray been done..results appointment made for 13th next Friday..  was hoping ide be back out by now.. but nope.. still swelling and sore:(

 Physio booked for 23rd May.. depending on what the xray shows...

So it's blooming looking like June before..if..I ever get back to it.. :( 

July is my race for life 5k and I'm going to have to go back pretty much to the beginning and start again.. gutted as I was only 4 runs away from graduation!! Was loving it.. doing really well and feeling strong.. BLOODY KNEES:( 

Ok moan over.. just thought ide let you all know where ive been hiding.. gazing lovingly from the IC at your amazing running progresses :) 

Keep up the good work xDY


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11 Replies

  • Oh sparky what an absolute pain for you. The running gods have not been kind to you. Look, if you don't get out until June you'll still have time to get ready for your RFL. Your body will remember what it's supposed to do and as long as you run very slowly you should be fine. And if the worst happens and you're not ready for your race, then you're not ready for your race. Yes it'll be disappointing but there will be other races.

    Please don't be disheartened. It took me six months to graduate because of various aches and niggles but we're C25K'ers and can face any challenge. Hang in there and keep the faith. x

  • Thanks for sympathy irishprincess.. I know you had your struggles..and your right..we 5kers are made of tough stuff.. 

    Although I've just read Pam's post and wonder sometimes wether just to go for it!!! But I won't..Fri not too far away now.. better safe than sorry.. xxx

  • DONT go out! If it's still swollen and sore it's obviously not right and you could make it one hundred times worse. Be patient (I know it's very hard) but 'twill be worth it in the end. 🙂

  • Oh goodness..what an absolute pain😩 These knees are a nuisance, but we 'kneed' them☺ So..we have to look after them....and you are!

    Be sensible..rest up..and as Irishprincess  says..other races..other days. Very hard but you will get there☺

  • You've done well hanging in the forum, it's like we're all rubbing it in :(

    Your long term health is most important. Running and races are secondary to that.

    Hopefully the xray and physio can shed some light on what's happening and get you back on track.

    Thinking of you xx

  • I know jt..some days..it's more than I can bear..lol and admit to the green eyed monster feeling.. and would rather fight those gremlins any day!!! 

    But.. as you all have just shown.. this forum means so much.. and really does make a difference..  all feel like my running/ strength pixies.. 

     I do still read your progress and love it.. Thanks you lot.. cheered me up and spurred me on :)  I WILL run another day xxx

  • Oh, Sparky, you poor thing😪 You are so brave and have so much will-power. You will do it, but it sounds as if you will need a bit longer. Please don't run if your knee is swollen, that's not a niggle, it's an injury. Sending you healing vibes over the ocean. You're very brave reading all our posts, but it shows you really want this - and you will get there. 😎

  • Frustrating - but it's really important to get that knee sorted out. There will be other Race for Life and you can always walk it if necessary. This running is a long term project - hopefully you'll be back to it soon. X

  • Oh crap, you poor thing! Still, not long to wait for the results.

    I'm beginning to suspect mine has something to do with the road I run on, the camber / curve is really awkward on the way back and I think it's putting pressure on that knee. I'm going to try a different route next time.

    Let us know how you get on? xx

  • Hiya Pam.. got a letter in this morning to go for an MRI scan.. 19th May.. so looks like I'm out of the running for the foreseeable :(  

    Will keep up on the forum now and then.. for some kind of sanitys sake.. hope you manage that knee well.. yes I will let you know once I get some news to tell..

     Take care x

  • Blimey, have to say the NHS is doing you proud for speedy referrals! If you're under Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh they've got one of the best ortho depts in the country, you'll get sorted soon xx 

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