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Back after a long break


It's been a while since I graduated but since then it's been a real struggle to get out to run. I've lost 3 close family members, my brother in November 2014, my mum September 2015 and my husband in June this year. I was married for 43 years and this has been such a sad time for me, my husband died unexpectedly and I have been at a loss these last few months. What made it worse is that we had sold our home just 2 weeks earlier... I am temporarily living with my son and daughter-in-law until the house we are now building is completed. I've managed to get out a few mornings, but the motivation has been really difficult. Thankfully I have continued to read all of the posts and keep at the back of my mind that I need to get moving again. I am planning on getting started again tomorrow morning, early as I can as living in Qld the weather is hot and humid (I know you may envy the weather but trust me it's really hard running with high humidity).

I'm going to go back to probably week 2 as I've put on a fair bit of weight these last few months and I don't want to rush it. I hope to run an 8K race in May so have given myself plenty of time to get back on track. I'm really greatful to have found this community as I can relate to the struggles people have shared, but having a goal in mind will I hope get my fitness level back to what it was.

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CaminoPilgrim you've had a tough time, I'm not surprised it's a struggle to get out. You just have to take it slowly and do what you can. Do you have someone who would run with you? Maybe that would help. I hope life settles down for you soon. x


Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that. what an awful time for you.

we have other members in Oz, one in Chile and one in Beirut so we have some notion of what it must be like to run in heat but I think understanding it and doing it are very different. we had a good summer here so we did experience hotter runs than usual for UK but we did find it hard. I tried to run much later in the evening

Motivation is difficult, especially if you've got out of the habit. I think it would do you good though to get back out there and blow away some cobwebs.

It must be tough on your family seeing you upset or down, so it would make them happy too if you were to rediscover a love of running. I hope so ×


Oh that's hard.

Love and prayers x


I'm sorry you've been going through such a tough time. Kudos to you for getting back on your feet and back into your trainers. Take it easy, one run at a time, and keep us posted on your progress. I'll be ready to shake my pompoms for you in May!


No wonder you have struggled to get moving - such a very sad and difficult time for you. You're doing really well to start now. It sounds sensible to go back to the early weeks not just physically but to be kind to yourself mentally and emotionally. Hopefully running will help raise your spirits a little.

Goodness, you've had a hard time. No wonder you've not had the motivation recently. It's a good idea to go back to the beginning and start again. There's something about doing the programme and keeping to the structure which chases you along and keeps you putting the trainers on and getting out there. Good luck, and keep posting x


You've had such a hard time and I hope that getting back to running helps you. Looking forward to hearing about and celebrating your progress.

I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through, it must be very difficult times for you and your family. I remember your Christmas posting last year after I had just graduated. I cant even begin to imagine what you've been through over the last couple of years. I'm sorry I can't offer any wise words but I do hope you can move on, enjoy life and hopefully find some comfort in running.


I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles recently. As you already know, this community will always be here with support and encouragement for anyone who needs it, running related or not.

I'm sure you will get back in the swing of C25k and I hope that you find some solace in your running. Take it easy in that heat - I grew up in QLD and can't imagine running in the Aussie December sun! Love and hugs to you.


Welcome back. I am very sorry for all of your losses, I cannot imagine how hard that must be to bear. I hope your return to running brings some small comfort and peace. We'll be here for you, no matter what you need.

Thankyou you all so very much for your kind words, understanding and support. I'm happy to say I started week 2 this morning.... it was a bit of a struggle but I know I just need to get back into the routine again and it will get better. It was as hot as I expected but luckily I run in a beautiful park that has a huge swimming pool so I took my towel and had a swim after my run. It was a good feeling and I know the coming months will still be filled with sadness but as least I can feel good about taking care of myself again. Once again, thankyou all xx


What an awful time you have had. I hope the running can bring you some solace - it has helped so many of us.

We'll all be here cheering you on.

Thankyou Ullyrunner x


So sorry for your loss. Take your time and don't expect too much of yourself too soon. I think you're very wise to drop back to the early weeks and build up again gradually. Very best of luck

CaminoPilgrimGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thankyou Ancientmum, my husband was my biggest supporter so that makes it extra hard but I'll get there xx


Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear of the tough time you've had over the last few years and especially very recently. It has certainly made me evaluate my own life and put things into perspective a bit. I've been struggling myself with one thing or another, but nothing compares with your situation, so you have my deepest sympathy.

It's nice to hear you're getting back to running again after a good old break from it and I'm sure you'll soon be back to where you was before you had to put things on hold. I do hope so.

All the very best. x

CaminoPilgrimGraduate in reply to Lee337

Thankyou Lee, so many lovely responses I appreciate your kind words as well. If I recall correctly you live in Qld too?

Lee337Graduate in reply to CaminoPilgrim

No, sorry...I currently live in Staffordshire, UK. :)

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