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Back to it after a Year's + Break

So I've just got back from a 5 day trek up the Great Wall of China. I lead a sedentary but goal driven life so now I've completed the Trek (brilliant adventure by the way) I have to keep this momentum going.

I got up to week 8 on C25K last year July then it all fell apart, darker nights, felt a bit sick, too tired, too name it I found an excuse not to complete it when I had got so incredibly close to finishing.

Why? Who knows. I am my own worse enemy sometimes, self saboteur.

This forum is brilliant because it works not only as a way of exchanging ideas and experiences but also sharing feelings, promises and is a conscience.

So tomorrow I will be back on here telling you all how my first run went of week 1. I'm hoping it will be easier than when I started last year considering all the walking I have done but we'll see.

Until tomorrow then...

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Well done for deciding to get back at it. I look forward to hear how w1r1 went - hopefully no probs with the all the walking :)

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Good luck. We'll all be rooting for you!

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Good luck. I took an eight week great. Summer holidays got in the way and I've just started back this week. I'm with you all the way. My first run was shocking but I came on here and moaned and the support was fab. Look forward to hearing how you got on


* break I meant


Good luck - perhaps a bad time of year to start! But if all goes well you should be a graduate by Christmas!!


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