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Getting back into running after a week’s break


Hi, I never thought I’d get into running and was really proud to get to week 7. However I’ve just taken a week off as I was getting some ankle pain, and a friend who’s a personal trainer suggested I rest it. My ankle’s feeling a lot better now so I’m planning to run again. I’m just wandering whether to pick up where I left off in week 7 or go back, to week 5 or 6? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks!

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It's up to you how you feel. Personally, I would suggest continue where you left off. You won't lose much fitness after one week and the rest has probably done you the world of good. You might surprise yourself.

Good luck 👍

Yvonne_Hunt in reply to Speedy60

Thanks for the advice! I think I’ll try picking up in week 7.


Good job listening to your body! I had a week off due to a cough, it was around wk4/5 Cross over so I did one run from week 3 and was OK, then did one of week 4 then went back to the plan for the rest. It worked really well as I had a chance to test myself out a bit rather than just jump back in. Better to start slow and be sure than jump in and hurt yourself again. 😊

Thank you!


You can't fail, don't forget. Everything is experience. I do agree with smelliepoo. Listen to your body and see how you feel.


Carry on... you don't lose fitness that quickly. Take it gently, steady and slow.. your ankle will tell you what is what!

Do please, head over to Strength and Flex forum too, loads of posted ideas there for your feet and ankles... :)


Hi, i had a very similar experience ... hit week7:2 and my knees started to niggle. Reluctantly i decided to ease up and i continued running but i choose to re-run a variety of interval runs from 5 and 6, for a couple of weeks. I also choose a few different routes, which for me was a huge bonus mentally. Then, i resumed the plan at week7:3 and the difference in my strength and fitness was noticeable. (I have been doing yoga and extra stretching on rest days since the start, so that has really helped too). I took advice from this forum's admins when i restarted and had 2 rest days between each subsequent run, which worked really well for me and I recently graduated, with no further knee issues. I continue to mix up my runs with easy interval joffles for some, as my focus is primarily to keep joffling for my mental and physical health - avoiding the IC and longer durations and distances are secondary. That's not to say i don't have my sights set on heading to my local Parkrun in the new year though! Good luck, you'll find a way 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️👍


I’d pick up from where you left off - a week isn’t going to set you back - just remember to be hydrated and go SLOW! Have fun!

I recently got to completing Week 4 Run 1 but then (for many reasons) didn't do any running for over 3 weeks (24 days to be precise) before starting back on Monday. As I'd struggled to complete my last run (I'd had 2 'practice' attempts before managing to complete it) I decided to drop back to Week 3 when I re-started. I think that for me that was the right decision (but then I've 'rested' longer than you have). Even though I'd managed 2 x 5 minute runs before I stopped, on Monday I could only manage 2 minutes of the first 3 minute run. This morning I have run again and am pleased to say I managed the whole thing, but it wasn't easy. I think that my biggest challenge in C25K is mental and not physical, if I don't think I'm going to be able to do something, my mind will convince my body that I can't. I have been told that you only start to lose physical fitness after two weeks, so you may be OK, but if you have the same mental barriers that I have, it may help your confidence (and your ankle) to try an earlier weeks run first. I suppose that if you do that and your final run is going well, you could always continue for longer and see if you're able to do it?

Thanks everyone who kindly replied to me! I decided to go back to run 1 from week 6 and it went fine. I can feel it in my ankle, but it’s not painful. I’ll try run 2 from wk 6 on Friday.

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