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Back after my little break


Well hello to all!

How you all getting on today?. Making the most of the mild weather we are having I hope. Are these the signs of global warming?

So how's my running getting along I hear you ask.

Well... I ran last on Wednesday night (my first real run in the rain), and approached it in my normal manner. I must admit I enjoyed it a fun run due to the rain. The amount of times I accidently stepped into puddles! Just brilliant, nothing beats the feeling of wet socks 😅😅😅

It wasn't all fun though, towards the end of the run I had chest pains, think it was my hr going through the roof, and also started to feel a pain in my right shin.

I decided not to run on Friday (listen to the body, so you don't have to listen to the doctor) and rest before the next run. How long does it take for 4 days to go by ?! My gosh, how bored was I ?!

Managed to get out this evening, and what a nice evening/night for running it was. Not wanting a repeat of Wednesday night, I took the bus! 😅😅 not really, took my time and has a stress free run. Looking forward to the next run now.

I shall leave you all with another motivational quote

"There will be days when I don't know if I can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing that I have" - Unknown.

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Ooer that must have been a bit scary! Though I'm glad you enjoyed the puddle jumping ;) Missing runs can really suck when you're itching to get out there but it sounds like a wise move to take it easy and happy to hear you didn't have a repeat.

Sounds like you had a lovely run and hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Happy running :)

Love the quote btw

saul01Graduate in reply to hilbean

Puddle jumping rocks... it's the ones you don't see and end up deep sea diving that really make the run!


Chestpains on a run is not a good sign. Out of breath is fine. Muscle soreness is fine. But I think you did the right thing with giving you an extended rest. Having said that, if you experience it again, I would suggest making a doctor's appointment anyway - the last thing we want is to read about you having keeled.

Sounds like a great run today (or I guess that was yesterday), well done!


If you get that pain again, then you should go and listen to your doctor!


Tbh, I think it was more to do with my hr than a pain itself. Think I need to get my watch or a hr sorted


Oooh, who said that then? Some wise old owl mebbe.

Good for you on getting out there Saul. I understand what you mean about taking too many running days off. I don't have to run now til Friday. It will be interminable, so I might just throw in a little jogette just to keep the legs ticking over

I disagree about wet socks. Ugh, can't think of anything worse. Shudder

I was running with a heart monitor on the other day (gift from my husband)and when I got back I couldn't believe the heart rate. Good job I couldn't see it (no specs) while I was running. I would have had a heart attack!

saul01Graduate in reply to misswobble

Ha ha that made me laugh. I wonder what the heart monitor would have read then. ;)

Hi Saul, glad to hear you took your time last run out and it went ok. I have read posts warning about overdoing it after graduating and pains in the shin could be down to this. Bit worried about your chestpain.... don't ignore that if it happens a second time. x

Got my new running jacket at John Lewis in the end. Its a Ronhill mens one ( grey and green). The womens one didn't fit as well as this one. This has long sleeves that are elasticated but sort of cover your hand a bit. Its shaped a bit longer at the back to cover the bum and its got a zipped breast pocket on the outside for my mp3. (No more armband)

I also got a little Nathan stretchy pouch for around the waist which takes my phone.... to record my runs.

Just did stepping stones today. It was good. (afterwards... Lol)

Take care. :)

saul01Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Hi Jan,

I haven't really overdone anything. Most of my running is on par since week 8 of the course, and my timings are now actually slower... the mind boggles. Will speak to doc just in case.

Regarding the shins, I personally think they've taken a 9 week battering that they are not used to and need that little extra tlc for a few days.

Well done on the new jacket (just had a look on google, might just follow you with the orange and blue one, BUT.....) . I also picked mine up over the weekend nothing posh mind, a decathlon's own brand. It's got 2 zip up pockets and enough vent holes to let the rain in :) :) . Nice bright yellow. :(

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to saul01

Hi Saul, didn't mean to suggest you had been doing anything wrong... just that now every run is 30 mins long

maybe extra rest days are needed. Our calves do take a bit of a pounding now... 🏃

Yer, jacket really lightweight and windproof. Didn't really feel like i was wearing it.

p.s Someone just suggested that going up onto your toes, hold and then down again. Repeat a few times, is good for lower leg. Only after you run though and are already warm.


Glad you are feeling ok now Saul but I agree, if you get chest pains again, get yourself checked out! Always a good thing to ease up for a bit if you get odd twinges and I'm glad your shins are now ok too. Happy running☺


Oooo just going back over the posts from yesterday and spotted you here! Poor you with the chest pains. That must have been scary for you. Look after yourself and I think you did the right thing to rest! I've had a really weird flu thing but much better today!

You make sure you take care running bud! I've just entered a 5 miler in June so I've got to crack on and build up some stamina!

:-) xxx


I have a sore throat and the signs of a cold coming on so tomorrows run should be fun :-o . That's a big run, same sort of distance I'm aiming for so I can run home after work. Will start working on this after my parkrun in March. For now just keep running and nail down 5K.

It's getting harder looking for new routes :(


Hey Saul , always Good to listen to our bodies, better to rest and run another day :)

Sounds like great run enjoying our running is the bottom line :)

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