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Injury after Injury

Hi guys, 

After graduating in Christmas Eve, I proceeded to twist my ankle and tear some tendons in Boxing Day! 8 weeks later and lots of Physio, I was told I could go back and work up again slowly to see how my ankle would handle it.

That very first run back, my ankle felt good, just a little tired, but no real discomfort - I was running 1 minute on, 1 minute off....

5 minutes before the end, I felt a 'twinge' in my knee (same leg) but put it down to having not been running for 2 months..... The following morning my knee was stiff and twice the size of the other leg. The following 2 weeks I could barely walk up or down stairs, and anything faster than a very slow walk was out of the question.

A further 8 weeks on and I still haven't been back running, the knee still feels a bit stiff at times but I have been running around the garden with the kids with no problem, but still feel it waking up stairs, but it's not really a pain (I just know it's there).

I was wondering if anyone out there could advise if they think it's now ok to run? Or try it? Is there any particular knee warm ups / stretching that I can do?

Has anyone had similar? How long is long enough to wait??

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It does sound as though you'd benefit from a really thorough overview with a professional and lots of attention to improving strength and flexibility, but again, very specifically tailored to your issues. Does sound a bit as though something is out of whack.


Sounds like you need to build muscle strength..



Thanks for the link, very helpful! 👍


So what was the diagnosis when you injured your knee? It very much depends what you did to it as to when you are good to run on it.  My general rule is 'able to walk on it without pain plus 2 weeks', but  this is not really an onjury you should be seeking the advice of internet pundits on. Anything that involves a joint swelling to twice its normal size is well beyond our paygrade. Go back to your doctor and get their guidance. I am surprised they did not have you in for a followup anyway.


Thanks, I did go to the doctor but I was just told to rest and not refered to a Physio this time, and no follow up!!!!

I am well past the pain plus 2 weeks, so think I'll go back and give it a go, albeit slowly/gently. And so lots of the strength / flex exercises. If I feel anything pulling, I'll have to pay for a Physio myself to sort it out.


I paid for private physio too: a local man with a strong interest in running who came highly recommended. He not only sorted out my injury but also taught me how to avoid a recurrence. Good luck

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I reckon Rigs right on this one. You need to get a proper diagnosis and advice so you can get to the root cause of the problem. Good luck

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Looks like rigs wrong on this one!😊


Found this linked to the C25K site:



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