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Week 3 run 2 and knee injury


Argh ! Right knee hurts - Dr.google says I should lay off running for a while, I've icepacked it, feels a bit better. Please tell me its not bad ! How long before I can run again and what can I do to prevent the pain ?

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Oh dear poor you. Can't give you any advice I'm afraid, but plenty of empathy coming your way. 😊 I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from those in the know.

Think it depends on which bit of knee hurts. And what caused it. Running physio might help, they can do gait analysis. Might be as simple as needing specific stretching. Or supports in shoes to realign . Or your running too fast and your knee muscles need to catch up with the work.


The general advice is R.I.C.E. -Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Also check out the pinned posts for the NHSguides to how to run and stretch correctly. They're full of great information, and the stretch page has a link to a load of knee strengthening exercises. Also search the site for 'essential quad strengthening exercises' There's plenty of advice available but, if the pain gets really bad then, of course, see a doctor or physio.


I sympathise with you completely Sangy777. I haven't run for two weeks because of a knee injury. My physio says 'runners knee' and complete rest for between 2-4 weeks. It's been such a blow not to be out running but it's no use for me paying out to go to physio if I'm not going to listen and take his advice. On a positive note, my knee is feeling better but I'm still worried what will happen when I am able to run on it again.

I'm no expert but I'd get it checked. I left mine for weeks - carried on running on it - hoping the pain would just go away until I could barely get up the stairs or sit on the loo. As others have said to me - it's better to put running on hold for a few weeks and get right rather than carry on and do more damage.

Good luck - hope you're feeling better soon.


I have just completed week three and each time I run my knee hurts and I keep hoping it's going to go away as really enjoying the challenge of couch to 5k. I too would like some advice it would appear most advice is to stop running and I don't want to do that!


Hi Both Knee Hurt posters! It really is important to stop running. The knee is trying to tell you something. I had inner right knee injury - overstretched ligament which was hugely painful for a week or two - I had to rest, ice pack and pain relief. After 4 weeks resting and very light walking I was able to move to brisk walking and then back to running.

Take medical advice if knee swells up.

Best wishes.


See my comment below. Good luck.


I would definitely suggest resting until it at least feels 100% again - if you run on it and you have an injury you could end up putting yourself out for weeks, even months. As someone who spent two months on the IC, I promise the temptation is just not worth it! If the pain persists or you think you're 100% and it happens again when you next run then best to check with a doctor or a sports physio.

When you're back running again, remember you can take an extra rest day or two between runs if you feel you need to. From Week 6 onwards I found that I felt better if I took two rest days between all my runs just to make sure I had recovered properly. Fingers crossed it's just a niggle and in a few days you're back to normal. :)

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