Post injury run .. week 7 Run 3

Post injury run .. week 7 Run 3

That was hard..really hard...

Been struggling with a lower back injury for the last 4 weeks, plan was paused at W7R3... but finally plucked up courage and tested the waters to see how running felt...

had app running on phone to keep track of time and went nice and slow, took a gentle jog around the park... back felt fine, which was my main concern!! Legs on the other hand were feeling wobbly...which I guess after a month of very little walking let alone running was to be expected..

Managed to complete the 25mins... last 5mins were very hard ... legs felt like jelly and really had to push myself mentally to complete it.

This is the only run where when the time was up I have had to stop and steady myself... thank the council for the lamppost !!

Happy to have got back to it and for the advice given by you guys when I posted last week.


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12 Replies

  • Thats my next run. What rotten luck having the back injury and having to pause the program. Im interested that you were actually able to do the run after such a long break, even if you did have wobbly legs. Must be such a relief. I bet the next run will be easier.

  • Hey flick, yes relieved as I was thinking of rolling back to Week 5 or 6 but wanted to give it my best shot, taking it slow I think is the few runs are going to be slow and steady until I get back into it...

    as they say just keep putting one foot in front of the other ...

  • Also your pace is pretty respectable 😊

  • Phew..Well done Tony, I think I would take at least two days now before another run. Maybe just another 25 mins just to get more confidence...

    I have found running has helped my back pain as it strengthens your core holding yourself upright in the running position...

    You are still a quick runner, you can run a bit slower you know😉..

    Take care.x

  • Thanks Jan, will probably take a couple of day rest and have a Christmas Eve run.. I guess the pace looks quick but it felt really slow today compared to what I am used to... could feel that my feet were not landing as i would normally land and didn’t feel right... if that makes sense? I will keep it as is for now and only increase my pace when I feel comfortable and confident I am not going to aggravate my injury.

  • Very courageous of you to go through the 25 mns after such a break and recovering from a back injury. Depending on your back issue (I've had quite a few myself...), as Jan said, rest well in-between days, stretch gently on rest days, and you can work on the legs if they feel wobbly (squats are excellent for low back pain but make sure your knees never overtake your ankles or use a wall to do so). Well done and hope you'll enjoy next run a bit more!

  • Hey Anthie, thanks for the advice, I do need to do more work on my squats and rest day stretching... but I am a lazy bugger!!

    I had surgery for an L2/3 ruptured disc last year and every now and then the muscles get a bit excited and spasm... the stretching helps loosen them off but it takes time.. always been nervous about squats though... will try the wall method.. just YouTube’d it !!

  • Well, take it easy for the running... I enrolled in a postural stretching class 5 years ago and found out what it meant to really stretch and breathe properly (but it also reinforces core muscle in a gentler way than Pilates). It took a couple of years and physiotherapy to gain back suppleness and confidence: I don't have anything serious for the moment, just very thin discs (L3-L4); yet I get "blocked", unable to walk for a couple of days or more. I usually don't get blocked when moving (but I avoid jumpy and reactive sports lol) more after being sitting for some time.

    Anyway, if you can, find a group to practise yoga or stretching but make sure the instructor knows what s/he's doing. I hope the squats thing will help! Run gently, safely but surely ;-)

  • Ah, but you did it Tony, you did it!! Good for you lovely, hope your back is improving though, back problems are no joke x

  • Thanks Quirkybee...was tough but enjoyed it and it lifted my spirits... been a bit down in the dumps with the pain and inactivity... felt good to be moving freely again

  • Ah, you're welcome, if one thing is for sure, running does something for our mental health, it may not feel like it when we are running, but it is the after run where we benefit. Our kegs may be bit wobbly lol, but our souls feel warm and fuzzy. Keep moving Tony.... I'm taking inspiration from you x

  • Well done. Good to see you’re back running. Good luck with the rest of the programme 😀

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