Week 1 R 2 .... Didn't realise this was so hard

Hi I'm new here and to running ...... I have just started using the app and just scrapped trough run 2 with a couple of missed runs that I had to walk through .... as I am so unfit will the running get better with time and practice ...... I think I will keep trying week 1 time I can complete it 100% before I move on .... is there any tips on breathing as that's what seems to be the reason I keep stopping ......


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  • Hi, I am only on week 5 so just a novice too. I try to time my breaths with my steps. ie take 4 steps on each breath in and 4 on each breath out. so I count in 2 3 4 out 2 3 4. this also gives me a distraction from my aching legs. you will be surprised how quickly your fitness improves. I am due to run 20 minutes tomorrow. never ever would have even thought I could attempt that. good luck, keep going and keep logging in here x x

  • Thank you Linda, I will try and work on your breathing advise. Good luck for tomorrow :)

  • Absolutely it will get easier! Not so long ago I really struggled with week 1 and thought I'd never be able to run for more than 60 seconds but I've just completed week 8. Breathing properly is essential as Linda_pink says count your breaths in and out in time to your steps and you'll be surprised how your stamina improves.

    Good luck!.

  • Thank you Debze, Glad I am not the only one who is struggling of week 1 ......

  • Your doing great some good advice here on breathing. Also don't forget that, I don't know about yourself but like myself and many others couldn't run for a bus or done any running , in my case for about 40 years ! So is it any wonder that particularly for the first time your body tries to resist what your mind tells it to do !

    Even for us who now run 30 minutes or more the first 5 to 10 minutes can be difficult. For me my body says even now "Why am I doing this ? Yesterday I was on the couch ". It can take a bit of time for the body to adjust to the idea. Then you get into a breathing and running rhythm.

    I regularly run 5 to 6K and 40 minutes and a bit. It has now become such a good habit and don't want to give up the benefits in fitness and mind. Also avoided a potential future on medication.

    Let us know how you progress and take it slow and repeat weeks if need be.

  • Thank you Joe. You are right I haven't run since collage (30+ years ago) but I will keep going till I master the breathing and I will run again ... thank you :)

  • Even two years after starting my breathing catches me up sometimes. The trick is not to think about it, which is really really hard. Try thinking about your grocery list or a work problem, something to distract you from how you are feeling. Slow your runs down as slow as you can go and keep plugging away until you complete all the runs, then move onto week 2. It's really hard work, and it wasn't my running and breathing that I noticed getting better first, it was that the time I needed to recover started getting shorter. You're doing just great.

  • Thanks for the reply Runs, I have decided to work on the breathing and slowing the run up until I master week 1 ..... Roman wasn't built in a day ;)

  • Feel free to move on after a successful completion of the week. I never felt 'comfortable' before moving to the next week. I look forward to your future posts and the building of Rome :)

  • You may be trying to 'run' too fast Richard. This isn't sprinting its learning to sustain a running motion for a prolonged time. So, basically you will need to go very slowly and steady on each run (think jog) in order to complete all the runs. Its totally doable and all about gaining stamina. Your breathing will improve as you move through the program, but by slowing down you should be able to manage each run.

    Good luck..we know exactly how you feel as we have all been there.😊

  • Thank you Jan .... I will be slowing it up next run and thank you for your advice :)

  • I have just done W2R2 and I found week one so hard, thought this week would be harder but I am finding it about the same. In W2 they tell you to focus on breathing in for four then out for four. I find I can only breathe in for three then out for four but it does help. Keep going, we will do this!

  • Thanks you Di .... It is great to see how other people have had there ups and downs but have got through it :)

  • Hi Richard

    Don't worry , you will find a way that suits you as you progress. I actually used to forget to breathe in the early days, there was too much going on , what with listening to the podcast, watching where I was going, I just forgot !

    I try and breathe in 1-2-3-4 and out 1-2-3-4, slow your pace right down, its just a gentle jog.

    Keep going , you will find your way with this :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy

    I will be trying the 1234 breathing later today and also slowing right down :)

  • Good Luck Richard, hope all goes well. Let us know how you get on :-) xxx

  • I think any issue with breathing is going to be improved by slowing down, you shouldn't be breathless when running at all

  • Thanks Joolie ... I will be going dead slow today and see how that goes :)

  • Just slow, slower and slower still... just think about everything except your breathing...I used to hold my breath during the running bits, until they got longer :)

    I counted.. 1,2,3, 4...like Linda_pink is doing now :)

    Thing is, it will all start to get more of a habit... and the trick with the breathing... just don't stop doing it :)

  • Thanks Old

    it seems I just jumped in and was holding my breath without even thinking about it so will be working on that now :)

  • Echo all those who have said to go slow. It's important to know there is no such thing as too slow - if it's a running action then it's fine, including if it's slower than a walk :-)

  • Thanks Orchards

    That will be today mission :)

  • When I was starting out, I thought it was only just running and if I got any slower, I would be going backwards. That got me to graduation without injury and now I run up to 10k and actually "enjoy" and look forward to running, thought that would never happen lol

  • Hi Richard, I am working through my second pass at C25K and the first time round I allowed myself to repeat weeks if I wanted to. It probably wasn't what you are supposed to do, and it didn't stop me putting my foot in a rabbit hole and getting discouraged for months, but it did make me feel the goal was NOT impossible. Keep going and next week will be a bit better.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Sarah :)

  • Keep at it. Redo week one if you feel it is too much. Once you do week 2, you will think week 1 was soooo easy!

    When I started I went for less time than a minute. I went from one lamp post to the next. Eventually did week 1....... the rest is history.

    I can assure you that you can do it. You will surprise yourself and this will give you confidence. You will be a better person for it.

    With the breathing I tried 1,2,3,4 as per Laura but quickly went to 1,2 1,2 and now I don't even worry about it. It just adjust itself.

  • Thank you NHS I like the lamp post idea :)

  • I have both cold and exercise induced asthma. Breathing is something I just "do" as a result. Trying to regulate it or regiment it is not on the cards for me at all.

    But my point is - I still made it to graduation And recently ran 5k in an official time of 33:45.

    Run slow. Respect the rest days. Remember that darn few ever graduate "on time and with distance". Read the early posts of graduates and you will see how much you have in common with us, and that you too are not "terminally unique" and can graduate also. The ONLY "failure" is to not go out the door, there are "practice days" and "success days" after that :)

    And I do hope you stay and run with us, we might do this on our own but we never run alone here :)

    Very best wishes to you :)

  • Thanks John ... I can see with the support on this forum I can and will do this :)

  • Very nicely put John, about never running alone. I always think of my buddies here when I run, I'm usually composing a run report post in my head even if I don't get round to actually posting it!

  • All good advice here. Slow down, then slow down some more. I tried to control my breathing but too much else going on so I breathe naturally but I try to breathe deeply. Just trust the programme and you will succeed; I had never run in 66 years and I did it! Good luck and everyone here will cheer you on.

  • Thanks Lon .... I am going to give it 101% :)

  • Your breath begins to even out the longer you run in a session. Trust the program it works. There is no shame in repeating weeks

  • Thank you Beccy ... I will only move on when I am ready I see there is no point in rushing :)

  • Also, relax - this improves breathing no end. Relax your shoulders, let your arms flop down for a few seconds and feel the tension in your arms go. This opens up the lungs allowing more oxygen to flow

  • Thank you Joolie .... another great bit of advice to try :)

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