Podcast keeps stopping and won't let me restart it

Hi. Can anyone help with the app? I've tried 3 times to do the couch to 5k but each time it Just stops in the middle, the last time after about 3 minutes. I then can't get it to restart. I've downloaded it onto my leg smartphone, onto a podcast, I've tried 2 different podcast apps and the same happens. I'm not very good with technology so is it something I'm doing wrong?


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5 Replies

  • I've heard the app is a bit unpredictable, most of us have used the podcasts - why not give them a try?


  • I was using the podcast. When I used the app, I couldn't hear the instructions 😟 Thanks for help though 👍

  • Really? This one? I've never heard of anyone having trouble with this one... oh well, hope you get it sorted. xx

  • with the app it depends on the phone you use, on my iPhone the music cuts out when Laura speaks but on mrs gems Samsung the music drowns out Laura making her un hearable

  • I've resorted to a different app which works great. I'm up to week 2 day 3 🎉🎉

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