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Half way through C25K but feeling the weather change!

Half way through C25K but feeling the weather change!

Hi everyone!

I have finally joined the online forum even though I have been doing the programme for about 9 weeks now. I have circled round the programme a few times due to occasional illness, kids off school etc and am now on Week 6 run 3.

I have always hated sport as I was completely rubbish at it so I decided to see if "running was my thing"...turns out I have asthma when I exercise and now I have an inhaler I can actually do this. Not only that but I find that I really enjoy it!!!! Especially and early morning run through the woods. Everyone who knows me is shocked.

I am 45 soon and thought that taking care of my health was well overdue so here I am.

I stared in the summer sunshine and now it is getting cold and wet. I get very hot when I am running but am freezing when I start and am usually doing the school drop off first.

What do people wear for winter / rainy day running?


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I recently got a puma running jacket you wouldn't know you had it on its so lite, and a running top that has long sleeves to pull over your thumbs and most of your hand. Like you I warm up pretty quick so sleeves can come up and undo zip on top n jacket and it cools me down

Keep at it its fun never thought I'd do it .

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Thank you Cuig1975!

I like the idea of the long sleeved pulled over my hands as I have tried gloves but get too hot half way around.

I bought a light weight running jacket a week or so ago but still feel a bit cool at the start with a short sleeved top underneath so great tip. :)

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Thanks for the link davelinks....see where you get the name now!

very useful info :)


Well done that looks a great place to run. good advice and links on this site. I started C25K about April and found running in cold bit of a shock. Teeth were actually "Chattering" for first time in years on my warm up walk until I got into my run and warmed up.

Everyone and everywhere can have it's differences. I do look out for weather forecast for wind direction speed temperature etc. So far not run in under 3 degrees(but can feel colder in chilly stronger wind). I've managed with thick Rugby type long sleeved shirt and sweatshirt. I've avoided wearing woolly hat and gloves so far. But if should go below freezing when out then will wear them probably. Still a case of me getting the experience and wearing what works. I don't like the idea of having to take layers off and carry them but may have no choice. If wet I will wear light cycling jacket probably.

I'm lucky in Birmingham not too exposed and can pick canal route which is usually less exposed than the little lakes I can lap around. Don't know how those on coast cope ?

You sound determined enough to get out there and as with most of us it will be a case of trial and error but the added experience will pay off in the end.

Main thing is to continue to enjoy !

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Thanks for the encouragement Joepublic.

It is a matter of just grinning and bearing it till you warm up I guess. Running in the woods does keep the wind at bay and once you run somewhere scenic you forget all about the cold. Love the idea of being near a lake or canal. A bit harder to forget about the cold and get moving in the rain but I feel great once I have done it.

I'm just pleased that I feel like sticking with it. A gym would never have lasted this long! :)


You're nearly a week ahead of me.

I run near the coast, along the top of The Downs. I'm lucky that I have access to a lot of different base layers (children were, and mostly still are, outdoor types and the husband & I go touring on a motorbike when we get the chance), they aren't all running specific, but they work.

Currently I run in a long sleeved base layer (I bought a Manuka(?) one in TKMax simply because it had thumb loops and was the right size. It has turned out to be AWESOME, as I have yet to feel genuinely cold in it. Over the top I either put a technical t-shirt and a light running jacket (my son's) or just the t-shirt. T-shirts are a pain when you have to take them off though, because you can't tie them round your middle. I pretty much always have cold hands so I wear some cheap 'magic' gloves with clever bits that I can still swipe my phone with (which I tuck under my bra straps when I need to take them off. If you're a guy then I guess you'd have to tuck them in your waistband). And I put a Buff round my neck. Buffs are good because you can wear them multiple ways. I've also wear full length running tights (son's again).

I find setting up the apps I'm going to be using before I get out of the car/leave the house helps, that way I can start moving as soon as possible.


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