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Started C25K in April, did half marathon distance yesterday!!!!!


Hi all, I read these posts pretty much daily and although I don't comment very much I just wanted to share my happiness and also thank everyone who does contribute as it is often other peoples posts that have kept me going and kept me motivated when I may have stopped before. I started the C25k in April and was barely able to do the 1 minute runs but worked through it to graduate in around June. I then continued onto a Bridge to 10k programme and completed a 10k mid July and then started on half marathon training which I finally completed yesterday!

I was meant to be running the half marathon in Amsterdam on Sunday but due to financial reasons was unable to travel there so decided to try and run the 21k by myself along my usual running route instead and was amazed to complete it. I didn't imagine I'd be able to do it without the race atmosphere and the other runners but I kept myself going and finished in 2 hours 40 mins, which isn't an amazing time but I'm happy with it for my first attempt. I seriously ache today though!

Anyway, just a big thank you to everyone in the community, the posts really have helped spur me on when I've not felt like carrying on and I've got some great tips and recommendations from here too. My next challenge is 2014 London Marathon, I have a place running with Anthony Nolan. I still can't believe it really, at the beginning of the year I couldn't imagine running for more than 15 minutes!

The link to my marathon page is here if anyone wants to take a look, and once again a big THANKS to everyone. I hope this post might help some people who are just starting the programme themselves. Take this as proof that it really does work!! I miss Laura on my runs now though, I have to make do with the Zombies Run! game :-)

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Amazing, very well done! I've just started a bridge to 10k programme and can ALMOST imagine running a half marathon at some point in the future, but planning to be running a marathon just a year after starting c25k is incredible!

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thanks so much, hope the bridge to 10k goes well and you enjoy it :-) x


Wow, congratulations graceelisabeth! What an amazing achievement, you must be so proud of yourself. You have done an amazing thing, and come so far. A marathon, wow!! I can only try to steal the inspiration and try the same for myself. You are an inspiration and will be part of many other people journeys through this bizarre programme! Well done and keep running :)

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to nextjenn

Thanks you so much, I'm very proud and still in disbelief, haha! Good luck with your running, I hope it all goes well :-) x


Wow! Well done! What an achievement within a year! I graduated with a 5k race on Friday which zapped me so much I thought maybe my dreams of 10k in the spring were flawed but you have inspired me to keep plugging away at it! I'd love to do the Norwich half marathon in November 2014 so I'll keep you in mind and get myself back out there running!! :)

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to runsandknits

Ah, thanks loads, I'm really proud to think that I may have inspired you to carry on, that's the great thing about this forum - other peoples posts kept me going so many times. I felt exactly the same about a 10k after finishing the 5k and, until Sunday, the 1/2 marathon seemed impossible (even when I was running it I was thinking I'd have to stop after 10k but then found my flow in the second half) so do keep going! Let us all know how you get on, good luck :-)


That's an amazing achievement! Especially as you only started in April! You must be so pleased. Well done and good luck with the training for next year!

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to SarahP0003

Thanks SarahP0003, I am very pleased and in disbelief, a marathon seems impossible but if there's one thing this programme has taught me it's that nothing is impossible! Good luck with your running too x


That is amazing determination - both to make such rapid progress, but also to run a half-marathon on your own like that. Well done!

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks greenlegs, I don't think I believed I would make myself do it until I was 3/4 of the way through, haha! Turns out I'm a strict instructor ;-) Enjoy your running x


wow...that is an amazing achievement in such a short space of time.....well done you and good luck for London next year!!!

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks juicyju, and well done on yours too, I love reading your posts! Keep them coming :-) xx


Well done and good luck for 2014 :)

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to weaselby

Thanks loads, very scared but also excited :-) x


Wow that is such an achievement in a short space of time! I am glad for people like you posting their inspirational stories - I have hit a wall (I think it's a mental wall rather than physical) but I really don't want to give up!

graceelisabethGraduate in reply to RuthP

Thanks RuthP, I know exactly what you mean, I've hit many mental walls on the way but just told myself to keep going and reading posts on here has really helped me too. I hit a mental wall on this half marathon run at about 30 mins in and told myself that I'd just run to 10k and then I could stop but then when I reached 10k I thought I might as well keep going! I give myself little rewards when I reach certain targets which also helps with the motivation :) Good luck and keep going x

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