Leggings on The Loose

Another bright start to the day, and having had a few days off as my calf muscle was giving me gyp, I decided to brave the cold and get out there for Week 7 Run 1. Stepped outside the door cautiously to do some warm up stretches, then stepped back in again pretty pronto. The temperature was decidedly chilly, and the ice on the cars let me know I might need something additional to keep my hands from turning blue.

I did my warm ups in the comfort of the hallway, much to the amusement of Mr R. who asked why I was doing static, slow motion running at one point. After pulling a muscle a couple of weeks ago I was using these warm ups runnersworld.com/the-body-s... that I'd discovered on the internet, but it did make him chuckle.

I then donned my flourescent pink head band thingy to keep my ears warm, and my running gloves and then attempted to insert my earphone and turn on the podcast. Silly me... took off headband and gloves, plugged earphone into ear, put headband on, then turned on the podcast and was ready for a really pleasant run.

About half way through the warm up walk I realised that my leggings were making a bid for freedom, or perhaps the running gremlins were trying to see if they could create a gap for the cold to get in round my midriff. Hoiking up leggings while briskly walking is one thing, but later on once I was running, hoiking them up without interrupting the run must have looked pretty amusing to the passing dog walkers. But my determination to complete my run wasn't going to allow me to continue unheeded as I knew that running (if my leggings were round my ankles) would only be impeded.

I managed to complete the run with my dignity in tact, but cursing the slackness of my running attire. Mr R. did some more chuckling as I explained my fear of running with my pants on show. He kindly pointed out that it's not the leggings that are at fault, but my waistline and hips, which seem to have decreased in size over the time I've been doing C25K. Couldn't decide on the best way to solve the problem, "Eat a couple of chocolate bars." was the advice from the not so slim other half, but I've decided that changing the width of the leggings (using needle and thread) would be a better option than changing the width of me, and will hopefully ensure that the leggings resist gravity and stay put on my next run.


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  • I had some leggings like that....ended up with a chilly tummy! Anyway, the said leggings are a favourite pair for the winter, have a fine fleecy lining so are toasty as soon as I put them on. The waist band didn't have the normal lace/tie thingy, hence why they slipped down...... so I got a long boot lace and threaded that round the waist band - you know the trick, large safety pin one end and thread it round.....and there you have it. You could try an elastic type of tie

    Still got them now, and I'm pleased to say - a year later, I don't have to tie them up so much......๐Ÿ˜„ And they're still warm and toasty - had an outing round park run this morning ๐Ÿ˜„

    Hope that helps! (And I hope other half got at minimum a hard stare - Paddington bear stylee for the chocolate bar comment)


  • I gave him the single eyebrow lift, although to be fair to him he has been very supportive of my changing shape over recent months following mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction He's just sad that my behind is disappearing.

    I have actually sewn the leggings at the top, taking two tucks so that they now fit more snuggly.

  • Impressive sewing Razouski and impressive running too. Great determination to complete your run despite baggy trousers shown here๐Ÿ˜„

  • I find the run tights with the tie laces at the waist stay up much better than the elasticated waistband jobs โ˜บ

  • I think it was because I've changed shape, and I didn't really want to buy more. Next time I will look for a pair with a drawer string at the waist, but for now I will make do with my stitched up leggings. All my others are Capri length, not good for the nettles and brambles. ๐Ÿค“

  • I bought a thermal running tracksuit once in Laldy's (I can't remember if it was Lidl or Aldi) and it's totally fab, apart from the fact it's now too big and the bottoms have no drawstring at the waist. I can't believe it hasn't entered my head that I could alter it to fit me rather than just mourn its passing! Doh... :)

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