First Post Grad Run: but please turn off the central heating!

I'm sitting here in my running vest, about 20 minutes after completing my first run since graduating, and can't believe how much heat is still radiating from my body. Consuming about a gallon of iced water straight from the fridge has succeeded in giving me brain freeze, but been totally ineffective at getting my body temperature to normal. At least my glasses have at last de-misted so that I can actually see to type, and I can save some money on the heating bill.

I togged up as I have been doing recently in running jacket, gloves and headband for my ears, but it was pretty soon into the warm up walk when the gloves came off. About 5 minutes later the headband came off, as I broke into my run around the park. The weather is unexpectedly mild today, so after about another 5 minutes I was so warm, my jacket came off, much to the amusement of one of the regular dog walkers I pass who asked if I was doing a full strip and wanted to know if he should hang around!

Well, would I..?

I ran on undeterred, and was pretty soon clambering over the style into the little woodland. I was still heating up and felt that I was slowing down, but with nothing else to take off, I plodded on, enjoying the wind on my arms. The wood was lovely this morning, and although the gremlins had been strewing the path with twigs and branches, I was not going to be tripped up so easily.

Coming out of the wood, across the road and into the park I started to feel a few twinges in my legs. Nothing major, but felt sure that it was slowing me down. I remembered the Mantra of Ullyrunner and others, "Slowly but surely" and kept on going, despite it being such an effort.

By the time Laura told me I had 5 minutes remaining, I was begging her to let me stop. Why so hard? I'd done this run three times already. Eventually she relented and said that I could do another 60 seconds before slowing down into my walk. Phew.

For the final 5 minutes walk home I was literally dragging my legs along (like some character from a Hammer House of Horror film) , hardly able to put one foot in front of the other - however, there was not much option, it was either that or sit down on the path, a crumpled mess in a pool of sweat! Eeew. My calves were aching and I just wanted to get home.

Now that I've looked at my running app I realise why it was hard. I actually covered the first 5k in 28 minutes and 15 seconds, and if I take the warm up walk away from that and look at the first 5k that I ran, I think my time was 28 minutes and 3 seconds. No wonder my legs were feeling tired and I was getting hot. This is my best time so far, hopefully my legs will forgive me. For the whole 40 minute podcast I managed to cover 7.19km. I think I may be ready to think about signing up for a Park Run soon. :-)


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  • Well done! You are HOT then!😁 It's surprising how quickly we warm up, I was dripping by the time I had finished yesterday.. almost melted away!😰

  • Wow speedy! No wonder you are hot! Well done.

    I would say you are more than ready to tackle a Parkrun.

  • Wow weeeeee! Fab-u-lous 😊

    Well done! Yes,it's warm out there! I was wrapped up to walk the dog. I was toasty in minutes ☺

  • I think I will sign into the website to get started. I have no idea what I actually do to join my local Park Run. I'm aiming to go on Saturday...I think... but very nervous...

  • Think you are more than ready for Parkrun, I did my first one on w6, couldn't run all of it of course. Try and pick a Parkrun that is flatish..

  • I think my nearest Parkrun is fairly flat, and I have had a small hill to contend with on one of my regular running routes too. I'm a bit anxious as I have no idea what you do when you turn up or how it all works.

  • When you sign up you'll be sent a link for your barcode - print that off to take with you. When you turn up there will probably be someone collecting together all first timers and explaining what to do but basically it's just go to the start and run (or walk at times if you need to - plenty of people do but sounds as if you'll be able to run the lot) then take a little ticket thing as you pass the finish and I think they scan it (few weeks since I did my one and only effort - hoping to go again on Saturday). There will be people scanning barcodes - take yours and the ticket thingy to them and that records your time under your name. Results are online later in the day.

  • Thanks Orchards, I will give it a go.

  • It explains what to do on the website, print off a barcode, go along to the Parkrun of your choice, about 8.45am there will be a run director there, just say your a first timer and listen to the briefing just before the start, don't worry it's easy. Then do the run, you may have to do one or two or a bit more circuits to cover 5k depends on size of park, then as you finish go along the funnel and collect your chip then go to the scanner for that and your barcode to be scanned for your time, your time comes through by email about 2hrs later to your PC and on the results page of the Parkrun website where you ran, result will also come through on your phone if you've have set it up, as I said it explains virtually everything you have to do to register on the website, read it through, it's very easy, and brilliant! try kicking the anxiety into touch!😊

  • Thanks Dave. :-)

  • Well done that's a brilliant run. I'm doing my first parkrun on December 17th a week on Saturday. work Saturdays so booked day off. Will try to fit a couple in when I can next year.

    As others said it's simple to join. You get a barcode that you print off. They suggest you laminate it in case gets wet, but you may be OK with paper printed one. There are 6 copies on it. They also direct you to a website and for a small fee think about Β£3 they will send you a "professional" plastic printed one. The money goes to help with small admin expenses they have. That is fine and I will probably get some in future.

    The only problem is I wasn't sure how long take to arrive so I'm just using my paper ones for now. If you are doing this Saturday you should be OK with paper ones. There are shops like Rymans (which I may pop to) which can laminate them if you want. Not sure if you got the Β£3 plastic one if it would come in post on time if doing parkrun this Saturday.

    Hope this makes sense ?

  • Your local Parkrun may laminate your barcode for free, mine do..

  • I'll go with the paper one for now, and look into getting one laminated for future runs. Thanks Joepublic and Davelinks for the info.

  • Even laminated, my barcode is a little "wilted" by the time I've sweated round the course. But that may be more information than you need. :)

    But well done Razouski - what an impressive time! That's ace.

    Hope your temperature has returned to normal.

  • I'm back to normal now, but my legs are aching a little this afternoon. :-)

  • Prettt sure thatvyou're ready for a Park Run right now \β—‹/

  • You have done brilliantly! Mega congratulations, very speedy and you just have to go for your first parkrun on Saturday. We're all running alongside you, don't forget. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»

  • Great time! Yes, the weather is unseasonably warm and I had a similar issue to you. Too many clothes and got really, really hot (and not in a sexy way). Surprised no one stopped me to ask me if I was OK. My face was so red and sweaty, not a pretty sight! Keep up the running. You are definitely ready for a Park Run :-)

  • Thanks BarbaraK. I suppose we shouldn't complain about it being mild. :-)

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