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Can anyone recommend a decent pair of warm running leggings? I haven't bought any 'special' running gear apart from trainers and in the summer was running in a pair of leggings I used to use for yoga. Now the weather is colder I'm wearing a pair of M&S leggings I bought some years ago and were lurking at the back of the wardrobe. They are fine warmth wise but they keep working their way down my legs and backside!! I don't want a pair of leggings that only come up to my hips because I'll have the same problem. Can anyone recommend leggings that will keep my legs warm through the winter, stay up, and actually sit on my waist?

Any thoughts welcome!

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I've only got one pair but they are great! I got some Karrimor ones from Sports Direct. They are nice and warm and have a drawstring around the waistline which you can tie to stop them from going anywhere they shouldn't! :)

KellywillowGraduate in reply to Hidden

Great - there's a Sports Direct near me. Shall go along and give them a go. Thanks very much. The drawstring sounds the very thing!

I also have sports direct ones, they're great xx


I swear by nike, I have serveral of their items bottom wise and they are brilliant for me. They stay in position and more importantly if you pick the running bottoms they all have pockets (nike pro is designed for the gym and has no pockets)

HiddenGraduate in reply to Vixchile

Ahhh I have some Nike capris that have pockets which I LOVE but not managed to find any tights with pockets which is a pain! Shall have another look at Nike ones, thanks! :)

VixchileGraduate in reply to Hidden

I got mine last year and they are great, they should have some more running ones in so it will be worth another look.


Thanks everyone. We also have a Nike Factory Outlet near us (I got my trainers there at a knock down price :) ) so I'll try that as well. No more baggy bottoms for me!!

TKMaxx is also good for sports wear especially leggings.


Mine are from decathlon. They are slightly fleecy inside and very snug and comfy. Didn't cost much.


I have two pairs of the cheap Karrimore leggings from Sports Direct which are marvellous and have served me well for a couple of years. When it was really cold last year I bought a pair of the Karrimore thermal running leggings which are more padded or insulated over the thighs, which are the bits that get really cold. They still weren't expensive, but they do the job well. You can pay an awful lot for running gear but I never have :)


I bought some thermal long-johns from Asda for about £6 and I put them on, tuck them into my socks, then pull my running leggings over the top. Toasty!


Thanks very much everyone. Good to know what works for other people.


I've got the Nike Filament full length and love them. Really comfy nice soft fabric which is also Dri Fit. They've zips at the bottom, reflective bits and a zip pocket on the back to keep a key in. Perfect. They have a drawstring inside the waistband too. Love them :)

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