Dragged Mr R round 7km of countryside

Dragged Mr R round 7km of countryside

I had genuinely intended to get out for a run today - should have gone yesterday but for some reason was feeling a little under par ( possibly due to feeding and entertaining 14 for dinner, drinks and games the previous night, and was forced to drink large amounts of Prosecco - against my will, obviously 😉).

Anyway, the frosty sunshine was beckoning me, but I happened to ask Mr R if he fancied some fresh air. He is pretty reluctant about exercise to say the least, so imagine my surprise when he said yes. Running gear was set aside while I donned several layers of tights, socks, jeans, vest, tee shirt, long sleeved top, woolly jumper, double layered North Face coat, scarf, hat and two pairs of gloves. By the time I'd got my walking boots on I couldn't actually walk to the car as was unable to bend any of my limbs. But at least I was warm as we sat waiting for the windscreen to defrost.

A short drive to the other side of Dunstable took us to our starting point, and Mr R leapt out of the car (he's a northerner do had slightly fewer layers on than me) enthusiastically.

He has bad knees, so I had to slow my pace down to keep with him, and had to refrain for breaking into a jog after about 5 minutes. But the country side was beautiful and it was lovely sharing it, rather than my usual solo running.

This afternoon, poor Mr R has been hobbling round the house and sitting with his feet up. But he was pleased he'd managed over 7km walking. 😀


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10 Replies

  • Well done - nothing nicer than a country walk on a frosty day! Well done Mr R!

  • Amazing what a little sunshine can add to a walk. And to get out after a little indulgence. Exercise: tick!

  • The sunshine with the frost makes the countryside seem quite magical. Obviously you'd know all about that Oberon. ;-)

  • Lovely photo, must have been a pleasure to walk the 7km. Would it be better to just wear a couple of Cashmere tops to keep warm instead of layering up, then you would be more agile maybe? I am on the claustrophobic side and find it hard to layer up. I can't breathe if I have to many layers on me.

  • It might be worthwhile investigating, but as it was only a walk it didn't matter too much. I have much more sensible layers for running. :-)

  • I wish I could get my hubby walking with me. He's a sports bunny and is extremely fit but he hates walking! Once, years ago I actually got him out but he was very quiet. I was rabbiting on but I wasn't getting much response from him, just the odd grunt ☹️. I then moved to his other side and realised he'd been listening to the cricket the whole walk! I hadn't seen the ear plugs 😏 We've not been out since.....

    Anyway, well done to both of you on a 7K walk. Beautiful photo.

  • Irishprincess, you make me laugh... or rather your hubby and his ear plugs do. We have the opposite problem. Because I'm profoundly deaf in my right ear, if Mr R is in the mood for chatting on about all sorts (usually about wanting to build a house in the country) if I make sure he's on my right I can't hear a thing. ;-)

    But seriously, we both enjoy the chance to walk and chat, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

  • Haha the sneaky prince! Saw a funny YouTube email a while back on the differences between male and female brains. One thing the speaker said had all the men in the audience nodding: that men compartmentalise everything and go to separate boxes in their brain for different matters, so there is a box for "wife", one for "work", etc and their all-time favourite box, the one they go to most given the chance, is one marked "nothing". They like to spend a lot of time here doing nothing at all which is why for instance they can enjoy fishing or like long walks without speaking. Is this true men?

    Apparently the female brain makes connections between things constantly which is why we don't compartmentalise in the same way and rarely think about nothing at all for any length of time. Might explain why we get these monosyllabic replies even when they don't have earphones in tuned in to the cricket!

  • I did a long walk too for similar reasons. It was my favourite run of all time, the one that inspired me to run in the first place but I've never walked it. Missed out on seeing the irruption of waxwing by the Grouse Inn which really would have been the icing on the cake.

    My cold really took hold later on which wiped the smug feeling away completely!

  • Sharing a walk is lovely.

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