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Week 5 run 2 ... not so bad!!

Was dreading this run as I have not been able to get out running for over 10 days. This morning I decided to tackle this run on the treadmill, as the cold weather has being playing havoc with my asthma whilst running. I attempted to do week 2 runs on the treadmill an hated it, I think I had the speed too high! However this morning I decided if run 2 was too hard I would repeat run 1. So I just plodded along not too fast, and managed 5 minutes no problem so decided to continue. To my surprise I managed the 8 minute interval and then the second 8 minute interval. It certainly wasn't a fast run, but I did feel a great sense of achievement nearing the end of the second 8 minute interval. Was worried as I hadn't run for 10 days but knew if I didn't get a run done today I would give up, which would be a shame.

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Nice work. Its amazing how little you lose after some time off. The fresh legs after a break may have actually helped you.

Keep up the good work.


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