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Week 5 - Run 2 - Epic Fail!


I tried the week 5 - run 2 last night at the gym but was unable to complete the second 8 minute run. Any tips on helping me complete this run? Also whilst I'm running I get really bored! Any tips on how to keep your mind occupied as you pound out the time!

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That was the point where I had my first failure as well, second half of run two week 5! I remember it well........still here 18 months later :-) Still trying to complete it.......no not really honest ;-)

The only tip really I think is to go again next time, I got it second time around with a bit of gritted teeth along the way.

Not sure I can help with the boredom thing, I think that is part and parcel of the treadmill in my experience. Personally I would suggest running outside, that's much more interesting.

I just did this run yesterday and, just like you, I started to get a bit bored as well. I would agree with the other poster who said that running outside makes a real difference (not always realistic in the dreadful weather we've been having).

In terms of actually completing the run, it's probably that you started out too fast and tired yourself out. There is also the mental challenge of going from a 5minute to an 8-minute run. So my advice would be: slow down, stay outside, and stay on the flat! See how it goes. I'm going to try the third run tomorrow = good luck!


I also had problems with week 5. I repeated the week and reduced my speed from 10km/hr to 9 km/hr and never looked back. I found watching sport whilst on the treadmill eased the boredom a little and also found that my mp3 radio was helpful but you need to monitor your own timing instead of relying on the pod cast.


Get outside! Never mind the rain, a bit of rain never killed anyone. Embrace it, lol, it won't be any better in the winter!



Try slowing down as suggested. I think it's better to get through to the end of each bit of running even if you are being overtaken by small children, snails and people with zimmer frames... (yes, speaking from personal experience...)

I only run outside as I don't belong to a gym, but choose flat routes, and vary those - outside IS interesting, but you can even get bored of doing the same old runs there!

I haven't run in the rain yet, but lots of people on here seem to love it as it keeps you cooler.

All the best with it, keep going till you find a solution that suits you!


When I did my first 7 wks on the treadmill I put a towel over the timer reading on the treadmill so I wasnt aware of how "slowly" it was going by, and altho I had Laura on I also positioned myself in front of one of the 8 large screen tvs in our gym and watched something like football or rugby ( I dont normally watch v and certainly dont watch tthose sports but they helped pass the time!). Definitelty try outside even in rain it is much much much more fun :-)


I did W5R2 on thursday and I really struggled too-I guess we just have to go slow and NOT give up. Good luck!


I always feel like a hamster on a wheel if im on a treadmill,outside is way better

Thanks guys for the advice! I will give running slowly and outside ago! Not sure about running in the rain but hopefully these tips will help me conquer W5R2!! God help me when it gets to R3! Lol!

Puffins in reply to decarter

I am listening to an audible bookon my phone while I'm running; it keeps me from getting too bored and the trainer's voice chips in just like with music. Michele Obama's Becoming. I'm on chapter 7 and on Week 5. It actually means I quite look forward to my runs! Good luck!


You can't beat running in the rain! Give it a go!

Slow down.

I personally can’t stand the treadmill, I get so bored, I love running outside (and I’ve always hated running until starting this program)

I did this run tonight and when the trainer cut in and said I’d done 4 minutes I couldn’t believe I still had that long to go, it was a tough run, I was running into the wind, but I managed it.

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