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W5R2....did it!


I can't believe it. I just got home from the gym after completing this run. I'm terrified every time the run time gets longer, but like everyone else that's done it says.......it gets easier. Definitely, the encouragement from these posts is a major factor in getting me through. When I read that you need to take it slow, that is so true, and is what's able to keep me going. I don't know about anyone else, but I find running on the treadmill easier than outdoors. Anyone else feel that way?

Again, I'm terrified about Thursday's run for 20 min, but I'm sure I'll get through it.

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Nah, I can't stand the idea of dreadmills. Sap the life of running for me. A few seconds on one at the shoe shop is enough for yours truly

Outside is where it's at for me. Snow or blow. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha

Well done Laura! Slow and steady is honestly the best way to tackle this job. Slow and steady gets the job done and you finish the session in one piece. That's the important thing. Don't be terrified! It's not like going to the dentist is it! It should be fun. Set a smile across your face and go ..... Have fun. Always!


You are doing great! :) We all felt overwhelmed every stage where the times increased but it's all doable :)

I wish I had the option of the treadmill for these cold mornings but my mind is far too frenetic to be that focused, I have to have a lot of things to see and observe when I m running Orr the times really are eternally long :)


Well done. I am only just slightly ahead due to do week 6 run 3 in morning. felt the same about that first 20 min run. Didn't think I could do it. But you can. It will be a great feeling when you do it. After that run you start believing in yourself. you can do it!

I find the treadmill better also

Good luck with your run


Thanks so much for all your encouragement. I think the treadmill is easier for me because it keeps me at a steady pace. I live in Chicago and the weather is still great, so I have been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful city, but I do notice it's just easier when I'm on the treadmill:( So proud of all of you and thanks so much for your encouragement. I too will be a graduate soon, right behind Fatlotty:)

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