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I managed to sneak out from looking after elderly aunty duties this evenkng and All I can say was that pushed me to my limit but somehow even though I was exhausted I pushed through and did it.

Week 3 scares me so much though and I know everyone says trust the programme but I have absolutely zero chance of completing week 3. I don't often look on the dark side of things but there is no way on earth I can go from two 8 minute sessions with a five min break inbetween to 20 mins.

Has anyone else managed to progress from run 2 to run 3 on the first attempt ?

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AFAIR it took me two tries. I think I might have done it on the first if i had not been scared to death of it also :) Just relax, take it slow and steady and see it as not 'make or break' but as either a 'Practice' run or a 'Success' day. You will do fine - forget the '9 weeks, 5K' and just do the 20 minutes, It's only four minutes longer than what you have already run - and if you really pace it properly it will be doable if not first time, pretty soon after :)

If you think you really cannot do it - read some accounts of those who did despite very real, very objective, physical shortcomings to overcome - this programme really does work on the 'miraculous' level sometimes, I can absolutely swear to that myself :)

You will do fine, just take it all slow and stead and I can promise you that some day before you know it you will probably be feeling disappointed you cannot run the 5K in less than twenty minutes or something ;)


Titch, you can do this.

Take it really slow from the start, walking almost and you will surprise yourself.

I bet there is no-one on this forum that thought that they could do that run before they did it.

Like Irish John has said, IF you don't do it, it isn't the end of the world, call it a practice run and go again.

Go for it Titch :D


Yes Titch, you can do this run. Remember the programme is designed very well and it works. Like John said you can do it as a practice run first, after all what's an extra run in your life. Good luck with it. Bet you can't believe how far you have come. 🌟🌟🌟


I know ... it seems so daunting ... but I echo everyone else ... you CAN do this but don't overthink it ... slow, steady and if you feel like you need to stop, just slow down even more but keep moving ... it will surprise you and once you've done it it will amaze you in the best way! First attempt or more it doesn't matter but approach it with a positive stride (which is easier said than done, I know) and let us knw how you got on :-)

I feel your pain. I am on WK5 for the third time having had problems with my calf muscles. Like you I just cannot accept that I'll be able to do wk5r3 - so I am not. Instead, I am doing w5r2 repeatedly doing the first 8 minutes then the 5 minute rest then I am steadily building up the final run. First time , 8 minutes, next time 10, last night 12, then 15. Once I've managed that, I'm going for the full 20.

I think you should give it a go following the advice everyone has given you but if you are not able to do it, change your tactic.

It's great to follow the programme and it does work but you can introduce some flexibility if you need it.

Imagine how fantastic you will feel when you do it, whether it is today or a week away - you will do it.👍🏻😅

Titch121Graduate in reply to Donkeywhistler

Good luck to you too Donkeywhistler maybe within the next few days we will both be on here grinning from ear to ear and posting that we did it.

DonkeywhistlerGraduate in reply to Titch121

God I hope so. 🙏🏼

DonkeywhistlerGraduate in reply to Titch121

So, any news? I did my 20 minutes this morning. If you've managed to do yours I'd be interested to hear how you feel.

Titch121Graduate in reply to Donkeywhistler

I did it this evening Donkeywhistler

My legs are like jelly and I have no idea how I will make it up the stairs to go to bed but that is irrelevant as for now all that matters is I did it

Massive well done to you too. Week 6 here we come.

Many many thanks

You really will be able to do it - if it's not first time it doesn't matter. Ignore the gremlin whispering 20 minutes in your ear and just wait for Laura to guide you. Don't even think about the time, plan your day, plan a holiday, count your steps, trees anything but don't think about 20 minutes. When I did this run I went slower than I thought it was possible to move and when Laura told me there was only one minute left I was amazed to find there was a bit left in the tank so I speeded up for the finish. The feeling and sense of achievement will live with you all day. We're all routing for you 😀


Week 5 run 3 sounds a lot scarier than it is! Like you, I had a complete mental block because I just "knew" I couldn't do it. First time out, I went haring off and my legs completely gave up on me about 11 minutes in. Came on here for advice and was told to slow right down, take smaller steps, go as slow as I could but just keep moving. So I did and it worked.

I had to employ all sorts of mental trickery in order to get through it though. I pretended to myself I was just going to do run 2 again (2 x 8 minutes) but that I would keep going through the 5 minute walking bit in the middle if I felt able. If I wasn't able, then I'd just think of it as a consolidation of run 2 and do run3 the next time. That sort of took the pressure off.

I went so s-l-o-w I was only just jogging and after 8 minutes I knew I could keep going a little bit longer, so I did. Then I was onto the second 8 minute bit and I slowed even more (if that were possible!) and I just knew I could do the 8 minutes. In effect I had run for 21 minutes in total and I was ecstatic! I think what got me through it was the whole time, I knew if I stopped, it was just another extra run2, not a failure of run3. Weird I know!


Thank you all so much for your encouraging replies

I'll have time after Tonirrow (aunt is going home and me and my entire family (children partners and grandchildren ) are going to Great Yarmouth tomorrow and staying for the weekend.

They have all said they will run with me although I have told them if they are expecting a conversation while I run they can think again.

I'll do my very best to ignore the mental block I am having and if at first I don't succeed then I will keep trying.

McFittyGraduate in reply to Titch121

Attagirl! You CAN Do it (we all thought we couldn't) :)


You can and will do it:) just go super slow and the time will fly! Good luck!


Yes you can ! Just keep doing what you've been doing, its got you this far hasn't it ? :-)

If you do a search of Week 5 Run 3 it will bring up lots of posts , 99.9% of posters thinking EXACTLY the same .

This is as much a mental challenge as a physical one , all the previous runs have laid the foundations for this one, it is not above your capabilities. Break it down into smaller chunks in your head if it helps.

You can do this , believe in yourself , if you don't manage to complete it this time , please don't beat yourself up about it. Just dig in , and keep plugging away it will happen !

Good Luck to you , we will all be virtually cheering you on :-) xxx


Come on Titch121, you have done fabulously so far. Don't let the gremlins get you. Self belief is essential. Anyway, has Laura asked you to do something you couldn't yet? No, I didn't think so!! I am sure you will be fine. I am right behind you - W5R2 tomorrow morning. Onwards and upwards :-)

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