W8R2 - another lesson learned

After my ticking off by MissWobble for running too fast during W8R1 I decided today would be the day to go for a personal best - in slowness. I hadn't decided whether it was going to be a running or a walking day when I got up (I go out most days first thing) because I'd done a lot of walking yesterday in big thick hiking boots (25 k) and wasn't sure how my legs would be. They felt OK and as I was going to go so slowly I thought I'd go for it.

No music, because that would set the pace and just runkeeper in my ear to keep track of the time, it's too dark at that time in the morning for a watch, I set off at a gentle pace after my warm up. Smooth as silk my breathing was, not a puff or a pant for the whole 28 mins. It was a doddle and I really enjoyed it! I think I could keep this up for at least an hour, I thought to myself, I could do this every day, my conversation with myself continued. At about 27 mins I pulled my phone out to make sure I got the time right, at 28 I switched runkeeper off and then after a while realised I was still running. So I stopped and wasn't even out of breath (I was sweating though).

Now don't get me wrong, it really was a personal best in slowness, but it was faster than I can walk and I felt like a runner, easy, with my head up, and absolutely confident that these 28 minutes were not going to defeat me.

And on my cool-down I had a big grin on my face because I now know for certain I will graduate (barring injury, or sickness). I can run the next four runs at that pace for 30 mins with ease. I can run 5 k at that pace. I can probably run even further at that pace (now don't get too cocky, girl). After graduation I can vary my three runs a week by trying to go faster on one, doing a really easy one like today and trying to go further at that easy pace.

It was a bit of a revelation.

But then MissWobble has been telling us all along to "slow down".


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  • Hooray JaySee, storming week 8, knew you would! :) Hilarious that your easy slow run 2 is probably the same pace as my all out snail sprinting! ;) Graduation beckons you my girl, very well done! And after a huge, huge walk too... You're one tough cookie that's never, ever going to crumble! Definitely a real runner... All the way! X

  • Don't you believe my run was any faster than yours - I was really, really slow. I winced every time runkeeper reported at the 5 min stage - but that was the point of the whole thing. And it was a bit of an eye-opener! I think this was really the first time I felt like a runner - I've always got the option now of slowing right down.

  • Hmmm sounds good. Food for thought for me. I think I'm definitely too fast judging by how you describe the ease you ran with today. I don't know how to slow down though!!

    Having said that, if this back doesn't ease up I won't be going at any pace for a while. Much worse today having been back at work in a desk based job ๐Ÿ˜ต

  • Sorry about your back, a desk job is not good (got one myself). Hope it sorts itself out soon! Poor you, you've had a few setbacks recently ๐Ÿ˜ช

  • Poor thing PumpKim. Hot bath and yoga... Quick! Desk jobs really are the pits... Makes you all stiff even without a poorly back. Hope it starts to ease up for you soon x

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