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W8R2 abandoned

Another abandoned run I'm wondering perhaps because I have not had the extra rest days, usually I would rest for 2 days instead of one but was trying to up my game and only have one day rest which I've managed so far.

I also think it's because of tiredness not sleeping properly for a few days of hectic work with deadline and home life and not able to have a cat nap during the day add to it, I've managed to run for half of the podcast and carried on walking for 30 minutes with a few minutes runs in between but I'm not counting that as running w8r2 once I've stopped that's it the only way I would count a run if I run through the whole process and Laura says stop.

I'm going to take things easy and try again on Monday. Shame I wanted to graduate in July but never mind it's about graduating the most important.

Have a good weekend everyone. :)

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Keep going. It is getting there that counts, not how long it takes. You will do it!


A little birdy told me back in week 6 when I struggled for R3 and failed three times to look at it as a practice. Yes it took me three attempts but I did it and when I did it felt amazing. Your body needs time to recover and in this heat along with lack of sleep isn't going to make for an easy run. Well done for walking to the end of the 30 minutes as that in itself is better than sitting on the couch.

Keep that chin up, you'll do it! 😊

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Rest days are very important, just as vital as a run day. I think you are right, putting in some additional rest and then you can go again. Sleep also affects how you feel, so rest up and away you go again, well done for getting this far


Just keep plugging away Josepha, you will get there !

Yes take extra rest days if you need them . Cut yourself a bit of slack as it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate at the moment :-)

You can do this , Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Tiredness can wreck runs, so can your head. I have started walking again - just because my head tells me to - no other reason. Though I had got my head gremlins sorted out but it looks like I will have to get the pest controller in again!


Stress, lack of sleep, fewer rest days, the heat - could be any or all of those factors. Don't worry, you'll get there.


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