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Getting back in the swing again

Amazing what a few weeks can do. I was feeling down and so low a few weeks back, so as advised by the wise folks on here, I dropped from 10k's to 5k in preparation for a 5k race on 3rd of August. Did ok at 33 mins which I was happy with.

So now I have signed up for Great Scottish Run on the 5th October a 10k which I did last year. And this past 10 days my runs have much improved. Not the time, but the distance. So this week it was 3 x 9k's as well as a few 5-10k dog walks as well.

Feeling better and more accepting of the time when the run is not 100%. Just go out and enjoy it someone said. So I did. And you know the less pressure you put yourself under the more relaxed you feel.

So am back in the running seat again. Lets hope it stays that way as am really enjoying it too!

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Well done on the 5 k!!! I've got my first 5 k race on Monday. Oooer

Have you thought of downloading a proper plan for your 10 k? It seems a lot of running in one week - 3 x 9ks. You don't want to overdo things

I use myasics training plans which are free but really detailed. Without them I'd have no idea what I should be doing


I agree with MissW - you probably only need to (or "should"?) do one easy long run a week, increasing by up to 10% a time. The others could be the speed podcast (or some other way of doing intervals) for one and an easy half hour run (probably about 4km at a guess from your 5k time - well done on that btw :) ).

But I'm so glad you're enjoying your runs. If you mix them up a bit you might find you enjoy the variety too.


Tried the speed podcast today, enjoyed it and then run just for another 3k afterwards. So changing things around might be a good idea.


Wow - don't think I'd ever be able to run 3k after the speed podcast. You must be one fit runner!! Glad you enjoyed it though :)


RNB, I would not call myself fit, I am about 2stone overweight, and don't like hills. But its nice to hear someone saying I am fit, thanks


Fantastic advice from MissW and Runningnearbeirut. 3x9k is an awful lot of running each week. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. What you're achieving is amazing but it may be better for your fitness, timing, motivation and joints to follow the 1xlong, 1xshort quick and 1x30 minute easy formula. Good luck though, you're doing brilliantly :)


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