Kneel before Laura! Reemergence of doz

Kneel before Laura! Reemergence of doz

My adoring, loving crew - the flying boots are out, the ninja suits are cleaned up, a new range of hills drawn up.

Doz is back on the block!

How touched I was to have my name instantly circulated by the crew that I cruelly deserted.

For those unsure about doz look up chariots of fireish on YouTube. Make sure you spell fireish right. Don't let it change the spelling.

It seems during my absence poppy pug has become an administrator. Excuse me, but she was the entertainments officer first, the one in charge of the Dodgers and Yorkshire Tea, not to mention the one who took biscuits to grandad down in the pigeon shed.

Here's the famed cake photo.

Kneel before Laura!


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20 Replies

  • Haha ! Still got fond memories of your triathlon....

  • Yes, maybe I'll go ahead with the Ironman early next year.

  • Hello Dozzer - but where is the ocarina?

  • A Mum is tuning it and sticking the sequins back on.

  • Sequins attached and embouchure being practiced (cue strange looks from people on the bus last night!) xx

  • Ha ha ! Evening Doz !

    Ah the famous M & S Gluten Free Coffee and Walnut Graduation Cake - How could we ever forget this pic ?

    What an eventful day that was when you completed Week9 Run 3 and you were awarded your Graduation Badge . There was this collective sigh of relief on the forum and one of your little Lego men faceplanted your cake . Ha ha :-D

    Yes 'tis true, I did start off as Corporal PoppyPug ( Ents Division , Doz Army ) and very happy days they were too.

    Welcome Home Doz, you have been sorely missed xxx

  • Glad to have you back dozzer and on the block! :) love the photo! i'm sure poppypug can multi-task she is a lady after all! :)

  • Doz once you're a gladiator here you're always a gladiator. We've been loitering in these parts waiting for our Caesar to return and march us into another triathlon.......?

    I believe this is the Chariots of Fireish of which you speak. All courtesy of our very own AncientMum 👏👏👏

  • Superfantabulous!!!

  • Ah yes Doz, and a small matter of my Pinto . Where is it ?

    Havent seen it since you rode off on it into the sunset , leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty tea cups a ' rattlin' in your wake ...... :-D xxx

  • Ah, yes, your Pinto. He is alive and well but possibly in a Really Useful Box in the new loft. Please don't call the RSPCA,

  • Ahh , I still have them Really Useful Boxes - that - you - cant - really - live - without - since I moved into my flat 5 years ago, in a very secret place, that is so secret even I don't know where they are , still unopened ...

    Oh my poor Pinto, cant you throw some hay up there or something ? :-) xxx

  • I have never met you... but you sound like my kind of super-hero.. and if our wonderful poppypug and the rest of the chums love you, then I must surely do so, also:)


    I have an ocarina, and many, many, many Really Useful Boxes....mostly filled with.. You never know when you are going to need something like this-s !

  • Welcome back, you might of been gone but you surely were not forgotten. In your absence we nicked your entertainment officer but I'm sure we can all share nicely. 😀.

  • Ha ha 😄 That face plant made me sick with laughing 😂

    Eyup Bo 😃

  • AM sighs happy sigh. Dozz is back on the block.

    Ocarina practice is going well -have reached the dizzy heights of Hot Cross Buns and Pease Pudding Hot. Hummm there seems to be a food theme going on here. Must try to find a tune with Jammy Dodgers or Soreen in the title ;)

  • Hey there Doz, glad to see you back, by the way, that other Madge, you're not still tangled up with her are you? I'm off to find my Really Useful Boxes....


  • Phew! Looks like she's out of the country, that's a relief 😅



  • Ha ha , yes, last seen in Vegas , driving all the old men wild ! :-D xxx

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