Kneel before ... you know what's next

The doz orchestra seems to be getting a bit confused. Or maybe it's just me. I think I've got three ocarinas and a load of tambourines, nothing more exciting to offer? Pops contacted me earlier talking about a hashtag - is this an instrument? I don't remember one in the school woodwind section but maybe it's a brass instrument. If so, is it heavy enough for me to use in my S&F routine?


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29 Replies

  • Don't forget Irishprincess on the harp. She'll bring a touch of class to the whole shebang. Maybe Grandad could reprise his comb and paper routine from his days as a Redcoat in Filey.

  • Aren't we supposed to be marching? Have I got that wrong? Not sure I'd be able to march and carry a harp........

  • You could rest it on the tartan trolley ;) Xx

  • Could you not strap it to you somehow? Get down to GoOutdoors and see if they have a big hinged rucksack you can wear on the front. I appreciate it would no longer be a rucksack maybe you could patent it as a fruck-sack

  • Are you allowed to used that sort of talk in front of Blesséd St Laura?

  • I strolled down to GO today and the nice chap looked very confused when I told him what I was looking for. He asked me what I intended carrying in said rucksack and when I told him he excused himself and told me to wait. Well, that was four hours ago and I'm now on a trolley somewhere surrounded by nice people in white coats. I told them that our illustrious leader, Dozzer, told me to get this thing for the harp but I think I said the wrong thing because they looked at each other funnily. What did I do wrong Dozzer? I aim to please 🙂

  • Excuse me, do you want my triangle ?

    If not, I have got my old stylophone if that's any good :-)


  • Haha poppy 😂 I've seen that website somewhere I'm sure xxx

  • And I've heard Gobby Brenda does a mean whistle since she got her new teeth.

  • Gobby Brenda's got new teeth! I have been away too long.

  • Well,maybe..we might persuade Irish-John ,to join in..he could be a dab hand on the fiddle? I am practicing a few triple trills on the Ocarina,as we speak 😉

  • Hey Fiddly Dee - the running life for me :)

  • Fiddles are definitely welcome to join. Got any leprechauns to hop and dance alongside us. They don't have to say 'top of the morning to you' or anything silly like that.

  • I don't think I've got a hashtag but is a fiddle of any interest? Not good if it rains though - it's difficult to empty water out of the swirly holes!

  • Don't worry, pops in admin will be able to sort out umbrella carriers to walk behind you. That's the sort of perk you get having friends on the committee.

  • The ORCHESTRA is confused!!! Hahaha. Funny Dozzer. It's great to have you back here 😂😂😂

  • Excuse me? This sounds a little like dissension in the ranks. I'll not truck with any of that. Are you sure you're not our harp player? It'd be very classy for us to have one.

  • Never ever! Please see my reply above to prove my complete and utter devotion. I'm trying to kneel but it's hard in a trolley......

  • Perhaps we could accompany the band with some rousing songs?

  • 🎼🎶You and Julie, You and Julie....🎶 🎤

  • How about the theme tune to 'Rocky'? Passion. Glory, etc

  • I aint kneeling anymore Doz, its taken me 3 days to get up from the last time .

    I may just bow my head or give a slight curtsey instead :-) xxx

  • I can see I'll have to describe technique later. As long as you're close to a table/ladder to lever yourself up. you'll manage.

  • Ah okay, you do understand I am a bit of a short ar*e , don't you ? :-D xxx

  • The Dozzmeister is back! And still wearing nothing on his lower half, like a Lego Winnie the Pooh.

    Not a terribly constructive comment, but good to see you back Doz.

  • That's why I have to wear a ninja outfit when I go out. I'd be arrested otherwise.

  • I can't play anything as am musically challenged but I can whistle a bit, and am willing to sing Eye of the Tiger. Least I can do (hurriedly trawling through memory banks for the words) My singing voice is terrible mind you.

    Hi TT! Hope you're ok shug!

  • Hello MW! Have only just seen this. I'm OK, just started week 9, still taking it quite gently.

  • Morning TT 😊 Oh I am so chuffed that you're properly on the mend now. it's been such a flippin drag for you. Week 9! Exciting times. Graduating again!, Double delight! 😃

    You will have to celebrate muchly 😊 Pom poms at the ready!

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