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One more week of Laura


I can't believe I only have one more week until I graduate from this brilliant plan!

I had a crap run on week 8 run 2.  It was a new town that had a hill. I couldn't do it! I ran out of steam at 21 minutes and just couldn't go on. I then proceded to beat myself up over it, until my ever supportive husband reminded me of how far I had come. From someone who couldn't run for 5 seconds, was overweight and on anti depressants, to someone who is a can run for 28 minutes, a stone less overweight, and no longer on meds.

Well today I went running in the rain and it was fantastic! Loved running through the puddles in my black leggings (no joggers)! Listening to some great songs, I felt like a different person from January.

Just really wanting to say to anyone else who is starting this program or in those early stages, that it is so worth it. Keep going. In a way I envy you.  I'm going to miss Laura....

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Very well done on making it this far! 

I am starting week5 tomorrow and have had my share of crap runs. However, the summary on NHS couch to 5k website has stuck with me.

"You will have good runs and bad runs. Accept it and don’t spend too much time analysing the how and why. Even a bad run is good for you."

Good luck for your final week :) 

LondonredGraduate in reply to kinjaldave

Thank you so much. You're right, there are going to be good and bad runs. Especially when they involve hills (at the moment)!

brilliant well done :-)

LondonredGraduate in reply to Nick_Buddha_12

Thank you.


Well done!! I am starting week 9 this week too 😊. I think I might keep using week 9 day 3 after the programme to hear Laura!

LondonredGraduate in reply to catorezzi

Thank you. Good luck, you are near the end too eh? Good idea about repeating week 9. Might do that until I'm ready to move on.

SassyAushieGraduate in reply to catorezzi

I'm only on week 7, but I'm planning on doing this too!


Having just completed week 9 I say go for it and enjoy. Maybe plan something around that graduation run to make it a bit special, either during it or after it. You are so close now!

LondonredGraduate in reply to Getupandgo

Thank you. Yes I think I will plan something different like a different route. I quite fancy running in the woods or something. 3 more to go....


This is fabulous....! A success story and so motivating for anyone starting.

Go you in your leggings... get some funky ones now! (Check my pikkie of my purple legged ones.. ( past post, Spring is Sprung) :))

The hills are sneaky little things, they always come at the wrong time... they appear from nowhere and try and trick you.. don't let them.. you get on up there and do it!

So close now, onwards and upwards :)

LondonredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much Old Floss, my next leggings will be brighter I think! I'll check yours out.

I really thought the hill would be ok, it didn't seem that bad. How wrong can you be? It nearly killed me! I guess it's my next challenge. 

Only 3 more runs until graduation. I never thought I'd be where I am now. This forum has been a godsend x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Londonred

You do that....! It is great fun getting bright kit.. you could treat yourself for your Graduation run!!! Post pikkies too please!

The hills can be dire..but if you just keep plodding, you get there...I try and fix on different points on the way up I just get to that bush, or if I just make that tree.. it usually works...:)

The forum is amazing isn't it... A huge supportive family :)

LondonredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I just had a look. Wow they are funky! I love them! I'm going to have a look at some brighter ones, purple would be good! I can't remember who has the 'Purple pants of Power', but I like the sound of them!

The thing about fixing on points on a hill is a good one. I am going to remember that when I come face to face with a hill, which, I'm sure I will! And I want to conquer them at some point!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Londonred

You go girl! Get up thpse hills in your purple pants of power🙂 Love it!

evecanrun2Graduate in reply to Londonred

Was in sports direct this morning April 4th and they had some snazzy ones in a sale from about £3 (I know they always havE sales but I thought bargain ! )

LondonredGraduate in reply to evecanrun2

Now that is a bargain! Will see if I can escape into town and have a look in my local one. Can't go wrong for £3 can you? Did you get some?

Laura is still there for you in the c25k+ podcasts if you want to have a go at one of them

after a bit. You're doing great. Look at you in your tights now!!!!  Love your progress :)

LondonredGraduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

He he I know! Who'd have thought I'd be stripping off them layers! But it definitely helps. And after a while I forget about my bum!

Funny isn't it, I sometimes find Laura annoying, but I know I'm going to miss her encouragement. I'll check those podcasts out.

Thank you.


Stay on the Forum, always great to encourage those beginning the journey!  I was worried about leaving Laura behind but actually it was ok.  I kept running for 3 X 30 minutes and then kept going to do a 5k one day.  Carried on with 3 X 5k for ages and explored new running spots, discovering some great off road runs through woods and fields!  I don't even listen to music, just enjoy the scenery, say hello to dog walkers, keep my eyes on the ground so I don't trip over mole hills or tree roots etc.  Have u thought about parkrun?  Great people and friendly and always encouraging, u might even meet a running buddy?  Didn't happen for me, I am a confirmed loner and enjoy my own company but maybe one day I will make a running all.  My husband cycles and I run so we are destined to exercise alone LOL

LondonredGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Thank you Joolie. I quite fancy trail running, think I may investigate some trails when I have graduated. I think I will too, just do 3x30 minute runs until I feel ok and then move on when I feel able to! I do have a local park run and am toying with the idea of it but am nervous about it as I've never run with anyone else, apart from my husband once! I prefer running alone as it clears my head.  But I guess I can still run alone in a park run. I am just about being social towards other runners; not out of ignorance, just that I tend to keep my head down and avoid eye contact, because I was embarrassed! So many options out there after c25k isn't there?

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