Week 8 begins

Week 8 begins

28 mins I found the run tough midway but got there , made it to 3.85 k, I know distance etc doesn't matter I like to have a goal that I will cover the same or a bit more it gives me that umph!! For last 5 mins. So instead of wasting my energy wondering when I'll finish I push it a incy lickle bit🍀🍀😁😁

So my aim this week is to crack 4k .... And lose a lb at slimming world , and get back to my first day of work after maternity tomorrow and leave these 2 little puds


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12 Replies

  • Lovely photo :-)

    And well done , great running

    Hope tomorrow goes well. It will be strange to be back in work .

  • Well done... Just keep it at an easy pace.. you are doing amazingly, especially with those two adorable small ones, keeping you occupied :)

    Wow.. go you for getting out there and the best of luck, first day back...:)

  • Yeah just go steady and you'll be fine. Have fun! There's no imperative to push at all. Slow is perfect.

  • Well done ! Great photo. I was confused for a while. I don't always read posts that closely.

    I thought to myself "Which one of those supertots is doing C25K ?" Then realised they were just a couple of Xmas Puds !

    As others say don't worry about the distance. Good to have a target but the best target is to increase the time and your stamina.

    I now do 40 minutes and 6K. How I look at it is I say to myself "My aim was to do 30 minutes running anything else is a bonus". I find that when I drop to 5K my running in easier and I can experiment and perhaps try and increase my speed or different routes etc. I neverset myself up to have a bad run.

    As the song goes "Take it easy on yourself".

    I have created a buffer whereby I can never have a bad run. I still like a challenge and am still bit by bit going further up a hill at end of run before getting home.

    Getting out in this chill is a challenge for everyone. Even for little Xmas Puds !!

    Good luck.

  • What an adorable photo and well done you. Good luck with achieving your goals this week. Hope you enjoy your first day back at work too.

  • Well done on doing your run and you will get to your goal. Good luck for going back to work.

  • Take it slow and steady with the running, and good luck when you go back to work :)

  • Good to have a target and I have no doubt you will crack it. Good luck tomorrow. The first days after mat leave can be tough...

  • Hello. You have a plan which is good. It's tough but worth it (new motto) and all the best returning to work. My two are much bigger but I miss them too when I'm working. Good luck. I did W8R1 this morning. Slow, slow and more slow than a snail but still moving the whole time. :)

  • It's good to get through it I doubt myself in each run but feel so good at the end ..... Slow surely is the way to go

  • Nice one Cuig1975. Well done for that!

    I also started my week 8 earlier on this afternoon. It looks like you covered more ground in your 28 minutes than I did...but I'm just glad I did actually complete it without any major problems! :D

    Great photo btw! :)

  • Thanks , well done to you too my route is flat only one slight incline ..... I'm waiting until I conquer 4k or so and take on the route at home here it's over 6k but think I'll be walking first 1k and take on the rest

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