'Julie' is still in my head and I have been home ages............8/1 ✔️

No morning run for me today, 😟 feeling tardy I didn't get out until 18:30. 😌

Gear all laid out on chair......waiting....... Upstairs togs on, no pocket again!🤔 iPod nano, tucked into 'shock absorber' "Thank you McF'y" no movement there! And off we jolly well go Laura and me step, step, breathe, breathe. Laura, OK I'll try a little quicker, but then you want me to last all the way so, step, step, breathe,breathe. Steady as we go ..... Who's that then - ah Julie! That's Julie, must remember I met her, I always forget the tunes by the end...

Chapel, long wicker fence, bridges 1,2,3, pretty boat, house with rope fence, old boat, 'da,da Julie........' Where did that come from? 4th bridge, the drove halfway - yea, I'm comfortable 'da di da Julie' wha? Trundle, trundle Laura invites me to put a spurt on...why not, 'da di da Julie' eh! Run, run, run, - walk, brisk of course, 'da di da J......' and there we are, church and home, night Laura, 'da di da'. Shower, supper and relax.......'da di da Julie' still in there! Week eight, run 1 in that little bag, happy me, happy, happy me..........and Julie😱😱😱


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19 Replies

  • Ha ha ! Once heard never forgotten ! Even now 2 years on , I still love that song :-)

    " Truly, Ive had enough of you and Julie ! " :-)

    A rite of passage to Graduation ....

    Fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you, PoppyPug in that case I will keep Julie and take her with me along the way with grace. 'Di da di - Julie'............. Off I go....

  • Happy me for you! Better get your acceptance speech polished. It's getting closer :)

  • Waiting for you - leaning on fence - stretching - sipping G&it - yours is just here 🍸🍸🍸

    FYI - iPod didn't shift an inch! Cheers🍸

  • Did you say gin & it? Don't mind if I do :)

  • Chink🍸

  • ## 'Cos I've heard it all before, and every day it's the same old story. Really. ##

  • # You and Julie , you and Julie # :-D xxx

  • 😄just a bit more Julie and you'll be a graduate!

  • Great effort It does feel real that we are so close to graduating and the time has really flown by

  • Seems that I have missed Laura's mate Julie. Great result, you make it sound a breeze. Very well done. Backin harness tomorrow.

  • Oh no! Now you've mentioned it, that tune'll be going round my head all day long now :(

  • :-D I had forgotten about that one... My heart used to sink when that "everybody wants to live my life.. I'm the one and only.. I've been around the world.. had the finest girls". Yeah whatever - HATED it :-D

  • I got a rotten cold after W9R2 so didn't finish the program ... then I went on holiday ... Got to get back to running and complete the course ...or is it that I'm not done with Julie yet? ...

  • Hahaha she does that!! Well done, not far to go now!!

  • Read I don't know how many posts till I realised what you were all on about re Julie! Guess I must block that song out as much as I can... used to look forward to "take a little piece & give a little back" about 7 weeks ago!

  • Haha! I was waiting for for that song whilst running, me thinking come on where is Julie, I need to hear "me and Julie" then I know I've settled in a comfortable pace.

  • Weird isn't it! - love her or hate her you just need to hear that song!!!

  • True Ellymeg, since starting W8 I've been needing "me and Julie". lol

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