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I am now officially a runner - but I don't feel like one!

Well, I finished week 6 run 3 today but it was so hard. When Laura told me that I could now officially be considered to be a runner I had to laugh. My brisk walk cool down had by now became a slow stagger, my face was bright red, contrasting alarmingly with my yellow fluorescent top, and to crown it all for some reason my newly downloaded endmondo app only recorded my time and not how far I had gone. In some ways that might be a blessing.

Oh why am I doing this? I ask.......will it get easier? Please tell me it will.....

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No idea if it gets easier as I'm only starting wk4, but well done! You should be proud of yourself red face an all!


It has got easier - you have been running for 6 wks now and can run much longer. Think about how far you've come!

You should be really proud!



week 6! week 6! you have been running for 6 weeks! WOW pat yourself on the back you are a runner believe it, believe in Laura:)


lol . It will, it will, it will........keep telling will.


Well done ... Im onto week 8 and I still dont quite feel like runner and feel like a ragdoll at times!! You will find your own way through it and as long as you are keeping going, which you are, thats what counts ... keep going, you will do it


Congratulations you've done wk 6. I know its hard but I believe it will get easier as you move onto the other sessions :)


I'm in the final week now and still noticing changes. Rather than steady improvements it is more like things suddenly fall into place, and I've gone up a gear. Particularly in the last couple of weeks for some reason.

The first five minutes always make me wonder why on earth I am running at all but then there was a run recently where I hit 5 minutes and noticed my stride was lengthening. I wasn't consciously trying to do it, my body was just ready to extend my stride.

Then a couple of runs after that I 'got' the three-steps-to-a-breath pattern, again without trying. It was as if my legs and lungs had found a common tempo at last.

And just yesterday I realised that my legs didn't feel half as heavy because my quads (front of thigh) were now helping me to pick my feet up, rather than my calves doing all the work of pushing me forward. My calves certainly ache less, and my jeans are looser above the knee as the muscle there gets leaner.

It's doing these longer runs that condition the body to make these changes, so definitely stick at it!


Thanks SarahSpangles and to everyone else for your encouragement.

I have come down with a sore throat and cough so maybe I wasn't on top form to be running 25 mins for the first time!

I have been pushing myself quite hard since I started the programme and running every other day. I might give myself 2 days off now to recover physically and then go back out with positive thoughts..


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