W1R2 Done... I came back!

Good Evening C25K Friends!

Waking this morning I was dubious as to whether or not I was going to make the run due to pains all over my legs, I'm going to put it down to running too fast on my first run. I did take a single Nurofen tablet two hours before my run tonight... not sure if that was a good idea or not.

Didn't stop me though, as soon as the wife and kids came home out I went... wife commenting on the lack of layers (I only wear a pair of jogging bottoms an a light running top) I was glad of that decision less than 10 minutes after leaving the house.

How did it feel? The first four 60 seconds I found easier than any of the runs that I done yesterday but the second four more difficult. I did run slower this time and at no point felt like moving away from the instructed routine. I wear a Fitbit and my average BPM on this run was 133 vs the 155 of Mondays.

Looking forward to W1R3 on Friday, which I think may be earlier in the day due to my wife going out in the evening. I'll be sure to share on here as I think this really helps with the motivation!


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8 Replies

  • Well don Brydo666 Do share 'cos you're right it dos help with the motivation to keep on going!

  • Well done! I can't believe how much I've improved over three weeks. I felt as you did in week one and tonight I realised I'd run a total of 9 minutes and was still breathing almost normally! Keep it up, it's a great feeling, isn't it?

  • Outstanding, I look forward to getting to that stage! It is a great feeling, I remember reading about exercise releasing Endorphins that make you feel good and thought "Nah" but I'm sure there is something going on!

  • GREAT! You obviously did better than I managed today. My Fitbit went up to "only" 108 bpm, so apparently it looks like I'm not working hard enough! (only joking, thought I had worked VERY HARD....) Keep it going, keep posting - I've found it's a great help too. In fact without the blog I don't think I'd have done that first run on Monday this week.

  • I agree with you 100%. Do you use Strava? I found that very encouraging when I started cycling.

  • No, I'll have a look at Strava. Thanks

  • Thanks team.

    One thing I'm really surprised at, that is difficult not to notice is how much better my legs feel this morning. It's almost like I never ran at all yesterday, I'm amazed they don't feel worse never mind better!

  • I'm the opposite, was fine after W1R1 but today calves hurt on both legs as do the thighs. Not unbearable so that's OK. Still going to do my W1R3 on the treadmill tomorrow so I can see what's happenining with my pretty pathetic attempts at a "run" ... I've read all the comments and suggestions (100% saying don't worry about speed) but I'm shuffling about like a snail and it's bugging me.... that's the way my mind works! Not going to give up though, even if I feel that I may have to keep repeating W1. Keep running & posting: have a great day

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