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First post-grad run done - wow it was special

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Well you guys told me that my first PG run would be special and of course you were right. Went out feeling really light-hearted - no pressure of feeling I might fail - took Michael J with me for company and had Endomondo ticking quietly in the background keeping track. Lovely sunny morning and I went a different route from normal (I run round a local nature reserve so only two routes really - clockwise or anti-clockwise) and ventured down some little turn-offs just to be nosey. I repeated W9 nice and slowly and added on 3 mins at the end which got me past the 4k mark - yay! But the main thing is, I really enjoyed it! :-) So I'm going to carry on repeating W9 and add in a 10% time increase on one run per week until I hit 5k! Oh and I might play with Stepping Stones for a bit of fun.

So, all you nearly-grads - it's awesome on the other side! See you soon :-)

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What a great post CarolStr, so glad you enjoyed your first post-grad run. I did my first post-grad run yesterday, but still felt loads of pressure. I really must try and stop worry now!


Whoo hoo! Sounds like a great run. Stepping stones is great as well - don't be surprised if you don't finish it all the the first few times. They make for a great challenge.

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Thanks for the warning - I'll keep an ambulance on standby ;-) This will be my first time with Laura and am looking forward to it as have heard so much about her. I haven't run to music before either so that will be interesting. If I get on with it I suspect that I will end up making my own playlists at some point ...

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Ooh. Making your own playlists is great - I'm impressed you did the program without music. When you're flagging, if the right song comes on you're full of vim and vigour again. Laura's taste in music is questionable at best, but it's a rite of passage to suffer through at least a couple sessions.


Well done CarolStr! Your plan sounds very sensible. Stepping Stones are good, but as runswithdogs says, quite stretching!


Sounds like you had a great run for your first post grad run .well done .๐Ÿƒ


Great to hear how much you enjoyed it. I have had a weeks break as I have been away, planning a run tomorrow. After the excitement of graduating then plodding my way to 5k I am a bit worried that having had a break I won't be able to do it any more!

Hope my first post graduation run is as enjoyable as yours!!! Bravo!!!!

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