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Final pre-week one run complete!

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All ready for w1r1 Monday. We listened to the podcast and completed the week one course which amounts to the same amount of jogging and pretty well the same walking as Wednesday but in slightly a different pattern. We had no issues at all - my muscles feel slightly more tired than the last run - in a good way, the first time I have felt that they have had a work out - but my post walk recovery feels faster than Wednesday. I think listening to the music has picked up our pace a little (tiring the legs) but I would like to think the runs so far have improved our fitness (better recovery).

Wife's wheezing is completely better - I'm glad we didn't go straight in at week one run one because I suspect the wheezing of the first couple of weeks would have been unmanageable and probably would have put us off.

As it is we are looking forward with some optimism!

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Great news...Well done, and good luck for Monday both of you😊x

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I_can_runGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks, we are looking forward to starting properly!

Good luck 🏃🏃🏃

Liz X

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I_can_runGraduate in reply to Lillybeth30mins

Thank you!

btw, How do you type the little running people?

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Lillybeth30minsGraduate in reply to I_can_run

They are an emoji on my phone x

Whats the pod cast?

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I_can_runGraduate in reply to joeLondon

Hi Joe,

I notice you just joined - well done! Are you thinking of trying couch to 5k then? Any experience? We are now only on week 2 starting monday but if you need any beginner advice let me know.

The podcast is the basic one at the nhs c25k page (I think if you google c25k nhs you'll find it up there or linked there). Or NHS c25k in a podcast app should find it.

The music isn't wonderful it is just a pleasant enough rhythm to walk/jog to and somehow that does seem to lift the spirits and keep you going. It also seems much faster - the 60s goes in a flash when listening to something and is a bit of a drag when not.


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joeLondon in reply to I_can_run

I have already started doing it - about to start week 2 tomorrow but will have to ruin after work for the first time so a bit scared. This is the first time Ive ever run. Ive lost a lot of weight and got a lot fitter after one week!

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I_can_runGraduate in reply to joeLondon

Well done - we are pretty well on the same page now then - we did w2r1 yesterday and will do w2r2 tomorrow. Well done on the weight loss - haven't noticed too much of that with me but about a kilo different in the right direction. We only run in the evenings - not organised enough to move it to mornings pre-work although we know that would be better. Anyway try to keep us updated - we find posting regularly a great help to keep motivated and all the other users seem really supportive!

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joeLondon in reply to I_can_run

I can take it W2 wasn't too much harder then?

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I_can_runGraduate in reply to joeLondon

Wife says its 'doable' after week one - the running intervals feeling distinctly longer but overall, when run slowly, not really any harder than week 1. My view is similar - we started slowly with about 6 pre-week one runs to build up to the 8x60s jogs in week one and I had another few runs while wife was sick last I've had a lot of practice really. And I found it pretty easy. Both of us feeling like we could run today on our rest day - almost missing it (!!!)

Wife in particular working from home started this with no excess weight but with very little exercise - me lots of excess weight but a reasonable amount of walking as walk a bit getting to work and around town at lunch etc.

We have both improved so much since we started it is really incredible. Particularly my wife who in our first run (20m walk, 30x60 jogs) was completely on her last legs wheezing after. W2R1 I would say was better than all our previous runs other than w1r3. It certainly feels like we could do more at the moment but of course we are just keeping with the programme and keep our speeds very slow as advised by everyone.

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